OUTFIT | Blending In


This became my favorite chair and my favorite thing to do while at Bunzie’s Cove, in Tabogon. I can’t believe I haven’t read National Geographic magazines for a long time now. My grandma has lots of NatGeo magazines in her home, I love National Geographic magazines, and this location at Bunzie’s is next to the big window facing the sea, the sight making me wish I’m writing for the National Geographic instead.






Anyway, the purpose of this post is to let you know that on our first day at Tabogon, I blended well with the surroundings. I prepare my clothes for any trip a week (or weeks) before the actual trips so this was purely coincidental. Although this outfit is just really very basic road trip outfit made of pieces that are lightweight and won’t pack too much space in a weekender bag.

* Wearing thrifted sleeveless top, my sister’s shorts, vintage Ray-ban sunnies, D40 camera, and Banana Peel slippers *

Photos by Joel Lopez

Monochromatic Blue


To me, preparation is key, especially when attending formal events, like weddings. While my boyfriend is calm and collect when it comes to “dressing up” and needs only five seconds and his deodorant to look good; I, on the other hand, take the whole night fitting and figuring out what to wear, and my whole lunch time to do make-up and “fix” my hair. My little apartment also resembles a war zone with many clothes, contraptions, pins and brushes flying every where. It doesn’t help that the wedding my boyfriend got invited to (I’m +1) was on a Friday (my worst day of the week) and on a rush hour.


My initial plan was to wear a yet un-worn white eyelet skirt + a silk top, but the couple warned ahead not to wear white. And because I am a stranger to both, I don’t want to make a scene, just  in case they take their dress code seriously. Some couples do. When it comes to weddings, it’s really appropriate to wear what the couple wants — it is after all their day. As the master of the ceremonies said in the wedding reception, this is not about me, this is about them. I don’t want them to remember me as the “stranger guest who ruined our wedding day.” LOL (But seriously, the proper etiquette is the best way to go).D7K_0009


I opted to wear this monochromatic blue ensemble that hides my most undesirable body part (the arms). I found the outfit a bit plain but I didn’t want to add any other color so I added a vintage brooch pinned at the waistline, the most “creative” accent I can come up with. The top is vintage from my Moalboal secret, vintage skirt (also worn here and here), vintage brooch from Grandma, P30 earrings from downtown (also worn here), vintage Anne Klein bag bought from a friend, and thrifted Enzo Angiolini sandals (also worn here)

OUTFIT | Pretty in Vintage

When we went to District 50, I was conjuring up a 50s summer outfit with a full-skirt, knotted shirt, and a bandana. But the full skirt was nowhere to be found so I went for an alternative — a vintage mash-up that I’d call “pretty” because the details and the colors I find “pretty.”

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OUTFIT | The Island Girl


It’s a hot summer afternoon and my eyes are heavy after eating pandesal and kalamansi juice. It is but fitting to post something that will make a summer afternoon perfect: the beach!  Last Holy Week, I joined my boyfriend and his family in a road trip to Badian, a small town southwest of Cebu City. While I am not a beach bum, it would be sad for me to stay inside my little cave while other people are having fun.

gifted Liz Claiborne hat, vintage polka dot top, vintage Anne Klein shorts

I was in the mood for nautical (blue and white).D7K_1029

one-piece vintage swimsuit | gifted 50s-inspired sunnies

I’m loving white and blue for the beach (vintage top and shorts worn above) and one-piece vintage swimsuit (worn below). Very nautical.



The Philippines has 7,100 (give or take) islands. This summer, we also have 7,100 islands to choose as destinations. It’s truly and really more fun in the Philippines. Ohyeah! Happy summer!

Photos: Joel Lopez

Lambog Beach, Badian, Cebu

OUTFIT | River Tour

I am not a very outdoors-y person. I am one of those people who think watching/reading National Geographic and Discovery Channel is an outdoor adventure. But I love to travel, and I will travel to anywhere that is accessible by bus or foot (as long as it does not take hours). Because I am not an outdoors person, I don’t have proper outdoors gear. When we went to Bojo River, in Aloguinsan, few Saturdays ago, I wore a white vintage top that got dirtied with splatters of mud because we traveled by a non-airconditioned bus and I was seating near the window, a tricycle and a motorcycle.

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