Lavender Gown for a Wedding in July


Last July, and probably, this year’s summer, was one of the best time of my life. My nephew was born, and while he evaded much of my apartment with his little things, toys, clothes, and cotton buds, I am super delighted with his smelly neck and his deep gurgling laughter. Also, my tita and her family came home and we got to hang out with our penguin of a cousin, who turned out to be wacky and as crazy as the rest of her cousins. And there was a wedding in July — and I wore lavender (again). Continue reading “Lavender Gown for a Wedding in July”

OUTFIT | The Ninang



I am not a very religious person, but I am a very dedicated godparent. One Sunday in September, I became a ninang to my 7th godchild, my 2nd god son (Lucas). I wore one of my most-treasured thrifted dress, Juan granny shoes (because I knew I would be standing during the ceremony) and a vintage quilted bag.

Monochromatic Blue


To me, preparation is key, especially when attending formal events, like weddings. While my boyfriend is calm and collect when it comes to “dressing up” and needs only five seconds and his deodorant to look good; I, on the other hand, take the whole night fitting and figuring out what to wear, and my whole lunch time to do make-up and “fix” my hair. My little apartment also resembles a war zone with many clothes, contraptions, pins and brushes flying every where. It doesn’t help that the wedding my boyfriend got invited to (I’m +1) was on a Friday (my worst day of the week) and on a rush hour.


My initial plan was to wear a yet un-worn white eyelet skirt + a silk top, but the couple warned ahead not to wear white. And because I am a stranger to both, I don’t want to make a scene, just  in case they take their dress code seriously. Some couples do. When it comes to weddings, it’s really appropriate to wear what the couple wants — it is after all their day. As the master of the ceremonies said in the wedding reception, this is not about me, this is about them. I don’t want them to remember me as the “stranger guest who ruined our wedding day.” LOL (But seriously, the proper etiquette is the best way to go).D7K_0009


I opted to wear this monochromatic blue ensemble that hides my most undesirable body part (the arms). I found the outfit a bit plain but I didn’t want to add any other color so I added a vintage brooch pinned at the waistline, the most “creative” accent I can come up with. The top is vintage from my Moalboal secret, vintage skirt (also worn here and here), vintage brooch from Grandma, P30 earrings from downtown (also worn here), vintage Anne Klein bag bought from a friend, and thrifted Enzo Angiolini sandals (also worn here)

OUTFIT | The Baptism


This is a belated post because I enjoyed the holidays (the whole month of Dec. 2012, in fact!). On the first Saturday of December, I became a godmother to my friend’s daughter. Baby Mia is my sixth godchild. I planned to wear a pink and floral-y vintage dress for the baptism and I spent the whole night before the event patching up a hole at the back of that dress. Unfortunately, when I fitted the dress, it was too loose, and I ended up wearing another vintage dress I thought would be appropriate for baptism.



I’m wearing vintage dress, vintage belt, vintage bag, and Chelsea sandals. I also borrowed my boyfriend’s shades.

Happy New Year!

OUTFIT | The Colors of Autumn

It was one Saturday that ended too soon. After being awake for 24 hours, I slept until early afternoon, ate a very big breakfast, watched some portions of UP at the suggestion of my sister, and went to Ayala to have a double date. It also rained very hard that day, but I think rains are blessings.

I’m wearing a vintage dress that reflects the colors of autumn. I love how lightweight the dress is, and the cute collar. The print looks like a graphic art or something. I wore the dress with sandals from Linea Italia and this faux-leather purse sold at Just Got Lucky Shop.

I wish this is mine. @Fullybooked

Happy Monday!