July 2016 #OOTDS

Let’s a take a break from the travel posts (but I would still blog some more travel-related posts next week because I have some backlog stories to share), and talk about outfits! Haha.. I was (and still am) seriously considering converting this blog into a travel blog because travel-related posts seem to be the more popular posts. But I just can’t resist the temptation of posting outfit photos because outfit photos were the core and the backbone of this blog since its creation. I will resolve to publish only one #ootd post per month because, the truth is, I also don’t go out often. Continue reading “July 2016 #OOTDS”


OUTFIT | Throwbacks

Left: thrifted silk top, thrifted checkered skirt, Michael Kors flats Right: thrifted polka dot top, thrifted jogging pants, sister’s bag

I have been missing from this blog for more than five months.. Yes, life has taken me out from it, but that is not exactly the reason why I have been silent for a long time. The truth is, I got lost. I felt a mid-life crisis in my blogging life and felt like I was in a cross-road and I didn’t know where to go. I thought my blog, this blog, no longer had any direction and I felt I have somehow outgrown “thrifting” and my thrifting adventures. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Throwbacks”

September #OOTD (and some realizations)

September was a busy month for me. I took a short course on bread making and baking at our town’s TESDA and would be home on most days tired with sore feet. We were not just baking, we were also washing tons of bowls, whisks, and pans, and scrubbing tables and floors. In between classes, I had time to relax to celebrate our island’s provincehood and take a quick stroll at our neighboring city, Dumaguete. Continue reading “September #OOTD (and some realizations)”

August #OOTD


This month, I resolved to clean my small apartment and reduce the things I own — not that I own many things, but because I realized I never use some of those things and it was of no use keeping them. One of the first things to go were clothes, so I posted a message in Facebook asking my friends and acquaintances whether they’d want clothes. Many replied and I have packed some clothes for each person, although I have not gotten around to delivering/sending all of the packages yet. Anyway, because I was purging my closet (I managed to reduce it to 10 small baskets of clothes), I was able to finally wear the clothes I love that were gaining dust. Purging, and throwing away useless clutter, did not only help make my small apartment look more spacious, they also cleared my mind, as I finally let go of the emotions attached to the things I gave/threw. Continue reading “August #OOTD”

Wedding 101: Wedding Guest Outfit


Continue reading “Wedding 101: Wedding Guest Outfit”

OUTFIT | The Ninang


I am not a very religious person, but I am a very dedicated godparent. Whenever someone asks me to be a ninang, I always think of something “conservative” to wear especially when the child would be baptized in a Catholic church because most of the churches here in the Philippines require conservative clothes. However, I still need to breathe while being ninang because the whole baptism affair takes long (from the ceremony to the baptismal party). I attempted to gather together all the outfits I wore for baptisms through the years. Continue reading “OUTFIT | The Ninang”

Vintage Swimsuit in Bunzie’s Cove

When I was younger, I bought swimwear that were trendy — skimpy, stringy and cut to leave only a little to the imagination. I wasn’t comfortable and I was in love with vintage already, so I now wear vintage swimsuits, which cover more skin (but are not necessarily less sexy) and are made of more durable materials than mass-produced or poorly-made swimswuits. Glamoursurf.com has an extensive inventory of vintage swimwear and lingerie. The online store dates their vintage and includes substantial information and photos of their items. If you are interested in vintage swimwear and lingerie, the online store is a good resource guide. Continue reading “Vintage Swimsuit in Bunzie’s Cove”

Musings on the Road Not Taken

There is a certain kind of joy in traveling, especially traveling roads you’ve never traveled on before. A framed Robert Frost poem — The Road Not Taken — is a fixture in my grandmother’s house. Whether she mindlessly or intentionally placed that frame in her house, I don’t know. But one thing I do know — that poem has been my inspiration in the many things I do and the decisions I made in life. And I am pretty sure, that poem has also influenced the lives of my siblings and cousins. Continue reading “Musings on the Road Not Taken”

I Wear Men’s Pants

D7K_0041I think I may have already mentioned that I am not particularly a fan of skinny jeans. In fact, I am not a big fan of jeans. When I graduated from college, I gave away all of my pairs of pants, mostly because they didn’t fit anymore and mostly because I don’t want to look like everybody else. It was not about being unique, it was about not being comfortable with the usual Filipino combination of tank top + jeans. Denim pants also didn’t allow my crotch and my legs to breathe, so to get rid of those discomforts, I gave them away. Now, I have three pairs of denim jeans, and none of them are skinny, which, I think, should be rightly so because I would no longer define my body as skinny.


Not being skinny though is not an excuse not to look great. I still tend to gravitate towards comfort, especially when it comes to pants, which I why I love wearing men’s pants. They’re roomy, but fits me at the hips. They have big pockets, and they are not slim-cut. Most vintage pants also are well-tailored, giving you quality that is beyond the amount you paid for it. I’ve had this pair of pants many years already, and it still remains a comfortable go-to piece when I don’t know what to wear, or when I am pressed with time, or when I do not feel like dressing up. The pair is also conservative enough for a team meeting, where I have to “look older” because I realized, at 28, I am the youngest member of that team. D7K_0043I went for an all-black ensemble, but I threw in a vintage floral jacket, which was light weight, and wore, for the first time, a cute necklace I bought from a downtown accessories store. The bag is vintage, I bought from a friend, and my work notebook, which I got from a downtown school supplies store for P10, is vintage as well.



* Wearing vintage floral jacket, thrifted black shirt, vintage men’s pants, necklace from downtown, vintage red clutch, dept. store flats *

Photos by Joel Lopez

How to Wear Monochromatic Blue to a Wedding


To me, preparation is key, especially when attending formal events, like weddings. While my boyfriend is calm and collect when it comes to “dressing up” and needs only five seconds and his deodorant to look good; I, on the other hand, take the whole night fitting and figuring out what to wear, and my whole lunch time to do make-up and “fix” my hair. My little apartment also resembles a war zone with many clothes, contraptions, pins and brushes flying every where. It doesn’t help that the wedding my boyfriend got invited to (I’m +1) was on a Friday (my worst day of the week) and on a rush hour. Continue reading “How to Wear Monochromatic Blue to a Wedding”