Cauliflower Rice

Filipino that I am, I am a big rice eater. Even when I’m eating noodles, there should be rice on the side. At worst, even when I’m eating spaghetti, I sneak in a few spoons of rice. Rice is not bad, not bad at all, but I’ve been trying to experiment with cooking rice and incorporating vegetables and proteins into it so that I can consume less of the rice (carbohydrates!) and more of the nutrients from the vegetables and meat.  Continue reading “Cauliflower Rice”


Banana-Nice Cream


The weather here in Cebu has been summery the past days and eating ice cream is one thing I’ve been thinking of doing to ward off the heat.  One of the most recurring recipes in vegan/vegetarian/raw Youtube channels and blogs is the banana “nice” cream. I thought it must be a good recipe then because of the many suggestions but I also thought must be just a hype — because bananas are easily available, and some Youtubers and bloggers purport it as a “healthy” and easy alternative to ice cream. Continue reading “Banana-Nice Cream”

Vegan Pancakes


Good morning!

In the middle half of last year and for most part of this year, I was into “vegan” cooking. I was influenced by the Cebu Farmers’ Market, which still continues to thrive and displays organic produce at Handuraw. One of the first vegan recipe I searched for was a recipe for pancakes because my then-boyfriend loves pancakes. The recipe should be easy and the ingredients easy to find. Finally, I found the pancake recipe I was looking for from One Ingredient Chef‘s website. Continue reading “Vegan Pancakes”

FOOD | Pita “Grilled” Vegetables Pocket


Having made the no-baked and stove-top pita and gobbled two pieces immediately after they were cooked, I thought to save the rest of the dough for lunch the next day for a pita pocket. I had no ready-to-eat meat the following day and only had vegetables so I thought of eating a vegan lunch with lots of onions. I love onions that even as I child I would often go to school with rice and fried onions as baon for lunch. Continue reading “FOOD | Pita “Grilled” Vegetables Pocket”

FOOD | Easy Stovetop, No-Bake Pitas


My pantry is small, as the rest of my apartment, and oftentimes, I get lazy to go out and buy food. So I make few searches in Google and try to make do with what I have. One week, I was craving for healthy, and easy-to-make no-bake bread. I was able to find what I was looking for with PITAS! I adopted a recipe from The Kitchn and I had a stock of pita breads I ate for lunch and snacks that week. Continue reading “FOOD | Easy Stovetop, No-Bake Pitas”

Cannellini Bean Soup

In my childhood, the only way I know to cook Cannellini beans (locally called “white beans”) is with tomato sauce and a little pork fat, similar to the way canned pork and beans are made. Some months ago, my friend invited me to their home and her mother served us a white bean soup without tomato sauce, and I was bowled over. I loved that soup so much I could not stop thinking about it. I had problems with preparing and cooking white beans, because I don’t want to waste LPG boiling and simmering dried white beans, which takes more or less two hours. I was looking for canned beans, and luckily found canned cannellini beans at Rustan’s Fresh in Ayala Cebu. Continue reading “Cannellini Bean Soup”

Papaya, and the Memories of Grandpa

There is a story of the papaya. My grandfather loved papayas. In 2005, he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and he died just months after the diagnosis. While he was sick, he did not want to eat a lot of things although he was a good eater when he was healthy. One day while he was confined at a hospital, he asked me to buy papaya. I walked so many blocks from the hospital to the nearest fruit stand I saw selling its last piece of papaya. Continue reading “Papaya, and the Memories of Grandpa”