Vitamic C Summer

This summer, I am all about wearing light, comfortable and breezy clothes. Wearing sheer is also an option, although I would encourage myself to wear a slip (vintage and silk, preferably) underneath so as not to embarrass my companion with my indecent exposure. This summer should also be about being healthy in order to enjoy the good, good weather. I’m unfortunately down with colds (and cough to follow). Vitamins are must! Continue reading “Vitamic C Summer”


Knitted over Knitted


There was a picture of a woman wearing a white knitted skirt and I could not get the skirt out of my head. So I searched for a similar skirt, and voila! I found one at a thrift shop (where else?) and it was also on sale. 🙂 I’ve worn this exact outfit twice already and maybe I’m going to wear it again (change the bag and shoes, maybe). Continue reading “Knitted over Knitted”

OUTFIT | Men’s Wear

I love cute and girly dresses, but on the other side, I also love, love men’s wear. I find them comfortable, and sometimes sexy. I also really love this pair of shoes I bought from Janilyn (okay, I’ll say it here: I love Janilyn, it’s my favorite shoe store). My mother laughed at me when I wore this because she said it reminded her of her grandfather. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Men’s Wear”

OUTFIT | Gray & the Heavy Bag

Recently, I have the desire to wear same-color outfit. I don’t know if that’s baduy or not. I just think it’s a no-brainer. I am always hurrying because I almost always underestimate my time, so I go for the one-color palette. Like this one. I never realized my bag really looked heavy until I saw these pictures. I seldom use small bags maybe because I carry my laptop almost everywhere with me. I always think that whatever happens, I can work anytime and beat all deadlines. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Gray & the Heavy Bag”

OUTFIT | Artsy Sunday


Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I checked out the Mixture Arts Exhibition at The Ayala ActiveZone. Gen, one of the artists, is a college friend whom I fondly call Angel. Her pieces are mostly abstract pieces and I love them because they are intricate, made of a brand new kind of material, and I can interpret them in anyway I want. Angel told me her inspiration was her desperation (so poetic). Continue reading “OUTFIT | Artsy Sunday”

OUTFIT | For the First Time

My family knows I would wear anything, except one thing: rubber shoes. I only wear them when necessary (during graded Physical Education activities, or when exercising, which I only do at gunpoint).   Continue reading “OUTFIT | For the First Time”