Brown Vintage One-Piece Swimsuit


When I was younger, I bought swimwear that were trendy — skimpy, stringy and cut to leave only a little to the imagination. I wasn’t comfortable and I was in love with vintage already, so I now wear vintage swimsuits, which cover more skin (but are not necessarily less sexy) and are made of more durable materials than mass-produced or poorly-made swimswuits. has an extensive inventory of vintage swimwear and lingerie. The online store dates their vintage and includes substantial information and photos of their items. If you are interested in vintage swimwear and lingerie, the online store is a good resource guide.


I don’t own a lot of bathing suits, not being a beach baby. But I own a few that I love. One of them is the one I’m wearing above. (Okay, you can skip this post or close your eyes). 😛

To care for swimsuits (any kind, vintage or not), hand wash them. Some modern swimwear can withstand machine washing but I suggest you hand wash them. Use mild soap (but I don’t use detergent) and hang them well. I read somewhere that swimwear is better air dried than sun dried, so I do that. I guess, when you dry the swimwear directly under the sun, it becomes brittle.

OUTFIT | The Versatile Chambray Shirt


I found this H&M chambray shirt that my sister gave me (in exchange for the many she took from my aparador) very versatile and paired it with different bottoms during our trip to Tabogon. I had a chambray shirt that I also loved, but I’m not very into the denim trend because I feel that chambray is not very formal. By the way, I looked for the difference between denim and chambray just so I’d be more accurate. While both fabrics may look alike, denim is woven diagonally while chambray is plainly woven. You can’t see that from the outside appearance of the fabric. You’d have to flip the fabric to see how it is woven.




So, a shout out to my sister: take whatever you want from my aparador except for my vintage stuff and give me more versatile chambray shirts in exchange.

Wild Colors & Prints at Bunzie’s Cove


Because I can’t get enough of the interiors and decor at Bunzie’s Cove, here are some more photos of the place — in reds, yellows, and oranges. Continue reading “Wild Colors & Prints at Bunzie’s Cove”

Neutrals at Bunzie’s Cove


While I enjoy looking at explosion of colors and prints, I don’t want to live in so many of them, and prefer to see neutrals at home. Here are some neutrals at Bunzie’s Cove that I think will look good in my apartment. Continue reading “Neutrals at Bunzie’s Cove”

Bunzie’s Cove


I was going to write that there was nothing spectacular about Tabogon. But I took a deep breathe because that was a lie. The town is just like any other small town in the Philippines — sleepy. But just like any other town in the Philippines, Tabogon has hidden jewels. The beauty of the town lies in the every day life — the simplicity, the early night time. Another beauty is the resort called Bunzie’s Cove.  Continue reading “Bunzie’s Cove”