OUTFIT | Starting Summer a Little Early

I admit, I quite enjoyed our cold January weather. But the Philippines will always be a tropical country, and because it’s now March, I could not help but think of summer. I’m not a beach babe, and I don’t have anything in particular to look forward to this summer, but summer has always meant a long “vacation” for me. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Starting Summer a Little Early”


OUTFIT | Summer Weddings

Summer is the best time for weddings — school is out, people have the luxury to go on vacation, the sunshine is endless. The past summer, I attended three weddings, and because the season was hot and the weddings were Roman Catholic weddings, I had to be mindful of the clothes I wear. They have to be comfortable and airy, but not revealing (Catholic church rules). While I have no problem offending the Catholic church, I have no plans of ruining my friends’ weddings. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Summer Weddings”

Vitamic C Summer

This summer, I am all about wearing light, comfortable and breezy clothes. Wearing sheer is also an option, although I would encourage myself to wear a slip (vintage and silk, preferably) underneath so as not to embarrass my companion with my indecent exposure. This summer should also be about being healthy in order to enjoy the good, good weather. I’m unfortunately down with colds (and cough to follow). Vitamins are must! Continue reading “Vitamic C Summer”

Summer Essentials

People complain no matter what the weather is. It’s already summer here in the Philippines. Holy Week starts today, Palm Sunday. That means, by Good Friday, it would get super hot. I keep myself cool during the day by taking a long shower, drinking lots of water, and letting my electric fan blow cool air. Because summer is here, I thought it might be good to share what my summer essentials are. Continue reading “Summer Essentials”