Nestie’s Maternity Photoshoot

My friend, Nestie, gave birth to a baby girl today. A month ago, we had a photoshoot in their home one rainy Sunday. There was no theme in particular, we just played with the laid-back vibe of a happy home and a rainy Sunday afternoon. Continue reading “Nestie’s Maternity Photoshoot”


Budding Beauty

I love these photographs of Emma Roberts (niece of Julia Roberts) from a Nov. 2010 Marie Claire issue. I love how each piece of clothing stands out. The outfits look comfortable, and un-trendy.

Pre-Nup Styling Project — “The Dangerous Type”

One Saturday in November last year (or was that December?) I woke up early despite sleeping very late the night before, lugged my big plastic box of clothes and shoes and traversed to midtown Cebu to meet up with one of my dearest friends, a highschool classmate, to assist her in their pre-nuptial photoshoot.  I think I was as excited as the bride-to-be.  This would be the first time I’d style and I was eager to meet the team behind RockPaperScissors.  That day I realized styling is tiring, but VERY FUN, I’d do it again or have it as a day job. All the efforts thrown into that shoot was rewarded because the guests at their wedding were all giggly and felt the love shown in the photos and were impressed, and BridalBook featured the shoot! I’m as happy as my friend.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot that I asked permission from my friend to repost and share:

Theirs was a double “B+C” inspired shoot.  Famous “B+C” couples in television history: Bonnie and Clyde, and Blair and Chuck.  We did the photoshoot at the couple’s Alma Mater at the San Jose Recolletos Cebu, a BDO branch, and the Cebu business park. My friend and her husband are both bankers. 🙂

RockPaperScissors’ video of the shoot is here

BridalBook’s feature is here