Small Town Girl Diaries: Men at Work

Happy New Year!

I have long been thinking of sharing many stories and photographs of and from my hometown, Lazi, in Siquijor, but never knew how. I have started creating separate blogs (all set to public so it would be easy for me to erase) but I am too lazy to maintain more than one blog. I can barely keep this blog up to date, how much more another blog. A few days ago, while singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, a great idea occurred to me. Why not start a new series here? So, this would be the first of the series, hopefully many more to come.

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Small Town Girl Diaries: Before Sunrise

With dawn, there is the promise of a beautiful sunrise and a new day. But, unfortunately, before the new day is the unfathomable darkness and a painful good-bye to yesterday. Such was/is my life in the past weeks. I welcome the mornings these days, especially the opportunity to move on to life. I would be dishonest when I say I don’t fear what tomorrow will bring, but alongside fear, is my excitement over happy and better things the new dawn brings to me and my family. Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: Before Sunrise”

Small Town Girl Diaries: The Modern Gypsies

For as long as I can remember, these what I call modern gypsies have been a permanent fixture in our small town’s fiesta celebration every summer. Five to 10 days before the fiesta and five to 10 days after, they occupy a substantial amount of real estate in town where they set up temporary tents and display their goods all day. Most of these gypsies are traders — selling everything from magic wallets to household wares. Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: The Modern Gypsies”

Small Town Girl Diaries: Double Standards

Nov. 25 is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Despite being one of the most liberated countries in the world, the Philippines continues to be a double-standard society, where certain acts of men are accepted and tolerated, while the same acts of women are frowned upon. My only solution to the complete elimination of violence (physical, sexual, mental and economic) against women is empowerment and the only tool I know that could lead to empowerment is education. Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: Double Standards”

Small Town Girl Diaries: Humor, Humanity and Divinity

Living in a town far from the fast-paced life of the city and a little behind in technology makes for good and meaningful conversations. That is what we normally do in a small town – we gather around, especially after dinner, and catch up on each other’s lives. In the hopes of engaging in a meaningful conversation and learning several things from someone that I think is both intelligent and humane, I threw some questions to my friend who entered into a life he has always hoped for as a child. Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: Humor, Humanity and Divinity”

Small Town Girl Diaries: Heavenly Conversations

In a town populated by a little more than 20,000 souls, my hometown, Lazi, is indeed very small. It is also located in an equally small island that is just lucky to be surrounded by bigger and more economically-progressive neighbors. While we are not very technologically-backward — we have electricity, mobile phone sites, and Internet connection — our electricity is crappy just like the most part of the nation. We are plagued by brownouts and blackouts that last, often, more than 3 hours a day. When these power outages occur, in order to entertain ourselves, we go out and talk. Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: Heavenly Conversations”

Small Town Girl Diaries: Lazi Fiesta 2013

This is a belated post, and I had second thoughts about publishing this. But because I already spent some hours researching and writing this, here goes:

Last year, I made a blog entry on our town’s fiesta. Please expect that I will be writing about the fiesta every year. The fiesta is a significant event in our town. We celebrate it on the 15th of May and members of the Roman Catholic Church dedicate the day to honor St. Isidore, the Farmer. St. Isidore, the Farmer, is our town’s patron saint. Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: Lazi Fiesta 2013”

Small Town Girl Diaries: Horror Halloween

Let me tell you my Halloween story. Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: Horror Halloween”

Small Town Girl Diaries: My Elementary School


I went to public schools for 14 years, from elementary to tertiary. I am from a small island in the Philippines named Siquijor, and I live in one of its town, called Lazi. I went to the public elementary school there. There was no private elementary school at that time. And even if there was, the education I got from my public elementary school was probably at par with, or even better than, the education I would have received in a private school there. My former teachers were dedicated school teachers and experts in their fields. The elementary school is located just across my grandparents’ house where I lived most of the time.
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Small Town Girl Diaries: Happy Fiesta!!

In our hometown, in Lazi, Siquijor, we celebrate our fiesta on the 15th of May in honor of the patron saint of the farmers, St. Isidore.  Our town fiesta is an important part of our lives.  Most of us (okay, me) treat the fiesta as the start of a new year.  The fiesta is a celebration, especially of friends and families, and of blessings and abundance.  To illustrate just how important our fiesta is, most Lazihanons count the years (especially of being away) by the number of fiestas they’ve missed.   Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: Happy Fiesta!!”