OUTFIT | Unexpected Prints


Just before my sister went back to Dubai, we visited our favorite lawyer to have some papers notarized. Because our appointment was after lunch time, we decided to just go out of the house early and have lunch at a nearby barbecue/grill place. After lunch, we had a few minutes to spare so we walked to the nearby improved Plaza Independencia, which was dotted with the Philippine flag as we just celebrated our country’s independence day. I choose to wear a top + skirt combination because it was a hot day, but I choose to “amp” it up with some unexpected print combination. I am no expert at combining prints in an outfit — but you don’t have to be an expert to wear unexpected print combinations.

Some people have “rules” to make print combination work, but my rule is: go ahead. Wear clashing prints, clashing colors, clashing everything. But wear them with confidence, a good attitude, and a constant smile. Ditch those “fashion rules,” and please, it’s absolutely okay to be not pressured by trends. What makes an outfit tick is how you wear it.


Wearing thrifted Japanese polka dot top, Philippine-made skirt (an ode to Plaza Independencia), gifted Aldo bag, and thrifted Salvatore Ferragamo flats from Baguio City.

Photos by my sister

OUTFIT | Pretty in Vintage

When we went to District 50, I was conjuring up a 50s summer outfit with a full-skirt, knotted shirt, and a bandana. But the full skirt was nowhere to be found so I went for an alternative — a vintage mash-up that I’d call “pretty” because the details and the colors I find “pretty.”

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OUTFIT | Start of Summer


The days are warmer and drier now. I have not felt rain for the past two days, and my kitchen door casts a sunshiny shadow in the morning. The days are longer, and the nights short. These signal the start of summer, at least here in our tropic country. Every afternoon, I wish to lounge in the beach or the cool waters of Bolo-Bolo and bring with me a jug of my own iced fruit tea. But for now, I am stuck in the city, working, and relaxing in between drafts. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Start of Summer”

Knitted over Knitted

There was a picture of a woman wearing a white knitted skirt and I could not get the skirt out of my head. So I searched for a similar skirt, and voila! I found one at a thrift shop (where else?) and it was also on sale. 🙂 I’ve worn this exact outfit twice already and maybe I’m going to wear it again (change the bag and shoes, maybe).

I’m wearing thrifted Gay Giano knitted top, thrifted knitted skirt, garage sale flats, thrifted quilted bag, and vintage belt. Happy holidays!

From Too-Big Vintage Silk Dress to Chic Skirt

To be honest, I don’t deconstruct clothes that much anymore. I’ve only deconstructed probably 2 dresses in the past 5 months, compared to the monthly deconstruction projects I used to do. I am not very creative and I only have decent sewing skills. I also don’t have a sewing machine. I only sew by hand, learned through years of practice and lessons from our elementary school Home Economics teacher. Continue reading “From Too-Big Vintage Silk Dress to Chic Skirt”