Home, Summer and the Unicorn

Siquijor was home to me. But through the years, I have redefined the meaning of home. I have increasingly agreed with the cliche saying, “Home is where the heart is.” I add to that, “Home is where my happiness is,” and my happiness is not always in Siquijor, or is not always associated with a specific geographic location. But summer is always Siquijor to me. This is because I am always happy in Siquijor during summer (and, yes, for some reason, I don’t feel very happy in Siquijor in other times of the year). So to Siquijor I go during summers. Continue reading “Home, Summer and the Unicorn”

Small Town Girl Diaries, Pt. 1

Happy New Year!

I have long been thinking of sharing many stories and photographs of and from my hometown, Lazi, in Siquijor, but never knew how. I have started creating separate blogs (all set to public so it would be easy for me to erase) but I am too lazy to maintain more than one blog. I can barely keep this blog up to date, how much more another blog. A few days ago, while singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, a great idea occurred to me. Why not start a new series here? So, this would be the first of the series, hopefully many more to come.

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Horror Halloween

Let me tell you my Halloween story. Continue reading “Horror Halloween”

Lazi Central School

I went to public schools for 14 years, from elementary to tertiary. I am from a small island in the Philippines named Siquijor, and I live in one of its town, called Lazi. I went to the public elementary school there. There was no private elementary school at that time. And even if there was, the education I got from my public elementary school was probably at par with, or even better than, the education I would have received in a private school there. My former teachers were dedicated school teachers and experts in their fields. The elementary school is located just across my grandparents’ house where I lived most of the time.
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In our hometown, in Lazi, Siquijor, we celebrate our fiesta on the 15th of May in honor of the patron saint of the farmers, St. Isidore.  Our town fiesta is an important part of our lives.  Most of us (okay, me) treat the fiesta as the start of a new year.  The fiesta is a celebration, especially of friends and families, and of blessings and abundance.  To illustrate just how important our fiesta is, most Lazihanons count the years (especially of being away) by the number of fiestas they’ve missed.  This year, our fiesta was not as festive as it was many years ago. This year, there were only a few of us in the family, which makes the fiesta really sad, but we make do.  This year, the festivities were short of becoming “mantinil.”  But nevertheless, each fiesta is different — no two fiestas are ever the same, and this year was different because I got to bond with my elementary friends.  Now that our town’s fiesta’s over, I’m looking forward and preparing for next year’s. And I am sure it’s not just me, but most Lazihanons as well.

The photos show food we prepare during fiestas: mostly meat dishes (it’s economical and efficient, but really not healthy), lechon (a staple), and torta.