Guide to Visita Iglesia in Siquijor

This guide to a Visita Iglesia in Siquijor was something I wrote for Tripzilla before this year’s Holy Week. I patterned this after a recent visita iglesia I did with a guest who visited Siquijor for the first time. While Siquijor will not boast of centuries-old and magnificent churches, we do have our share of historic churches. Continue reading “Guide to Visita Iglesia in Siquijor”


Home, Summer and the Unicorn


Siquijor was home to me. But through the years, I have redefined the meaning of home. I have increasingly agreed with the cliche saying, “Home is where the heart is.” I add to that, “Home is where my happiness is,” and my happiness is not always in Siquijor, or is not always associated with a specific geographic location. But summer is always Siquijor to me. This is because I am always happy in Siquijor during summer (and, yes, for some reason, I don’t feel very happy in Siquijor in other times of the year). So to Siquijor I go during summers. Continue reading “Home, Summer and the Unicorn”

Small Town Girl Diaries: Men at Work

Happy New Year!

I have long been thinking of sharing many stories and photographs of and from my hometown, Lazi, in Siquijor, but never knew how. I have started creating separate blogs (all set to public so it would be easy for me to erase) but I am too lazy to maintain more than one blog. I can barely keep this blog up to date, how much more another blog. A few days ago, while singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, a great idea occurred to me. Why not start a new series here? So, this would be the first of the series, hopefully many more to come.

Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: Men at Work”

The Journey to Siquijor by Boat

Since high school, I have always been known as the “girl from Siquijor.” Studying at the time when social media was still in its infancy, not many of my classmates have traveled to Siquijor and only knew of the place as scary or the island of mambabarangs (sorcerers). It used to offend me when people associate the island with black magic but I later realized that people make these kinds of judgment because they never had the opportunity to travel to the island and learn about the place. So, I started “educating” my classmates, my friends, and my acquaintances of the island by answering their questions and telling them stories. Continue reading “The Journey to Siquijor by Boat”

Where to Stay in Talingting, Siquijor

Small and isolated it may be, I was surprised to learn that you have several options on where to stay in Talingting (now known as Enrique Villanueva). In our previous post, we enumerated the several things you can do and see in town. I thought the places to stay warrant its own blog post so as not to get buried under by the places to visit. There are a few home stays and a resort. Continue reading “Where to Stay in Talingting, Siquijor”

Talingting: What to Do and What to See

Talingting, I think, is the most underrated town in Siquijor. It is a small town between Larena and Maria, and is facing the island of Bohol. Talingting is now known as Enrique Villanueva, named after a governor who made possible the conversion of the barangay to a town. One of the most popular stories explaining why the town is very “mingaw” or isolated is because there are only 13 people in town. Continue reading “Talingting: What to Do and What to See”

U-Story, Mix of Eclectic and Mystic

Christmas time, we were able to spend it in my home town, Lazi, Siquijor. The days went by in a blur but we managed to squeeze in family and friends time and visit one of the local resorts in the island. Continue reading “U-Story, Mix of Eclectic and Mystic”

Small Town Girl Diaries: Before Sunrise

With dawn, there is the promise of a beautiful sunrise and a new day. But, unfortunately, before the new day is the unfathomable darkness and a painful good-bye to yesterday. Such was/is my life in the past weeks. I welcome the mornings these days, especially the opportunity to move on to life. I would be dishonest when I say I don’t fear what tomorrow will bring, but alongside fear, is my excitement over happy and better things the new dawn brings to me and my family. Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: Before Sunrise”

Small Town Girl Diaries: The Modern Gypsies

For as long as I can remember, these what I call modern gypsies have been a permanent fixture in our small town’s fiesta celebration every summer. Five to 10 days before the fiesta and five to 10 days after, they occupy a substantial amount of real estate in town where they set up temporary tents and display their goods all day. Most of these gypsies are traders — selling everything from magic wallets to household wares. Continue reading “Small Town Girl Diaries: The Modern Gypsies”

Short Trip to Siquijor

I went on a short trip to Siquijor last November (really a short trip because it did not last more than 24 hours) to bring candles, flowers and prayers for my loved ones who have departed. It is a tradition in our country to commemorate our dearly departed on the first two days of November. As I’ve said here, there are still many unexplored portions of the island, mostly coves and beaches that luckily have not yet been converted to beach resorts. These beach strips are our version of paradise. Continue reading “Short Trip to Siquijor”