Vintage Argenti Silk Dress for my Beastfriend’s Wedding

I’ve been asking myself if posting outfit photos are still relevant and interesting in my blog, knowing that I am not a fashion blogger. True, I love dressing up, I read fashion magazines and keep a few of them, I browse fashion websites, I keep myself updated in fashion trends, and even took some few minutes off my day browsing the #kimye wedding photos to check on Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress — I don’t love fashion. Continue reading “Vintage Argenti Silk Dress for my Beastfriend’s Wedding”

Vintage Silk Cover for Tablet

Remember this DIY? The remaining top of the dress was lying around in my bin of “vintage cloths” and I thought the fabric, which is silk, would be fabulous to spruce up a tablet cover. The tablet cover was plain black, really dull, and while there are lots of pretty and cute covers out there, I don’t want to pay more than P300 (the price of the dull black cover) for a cover. It’s also nice to have a customized cover, right? Something that’s silky and vintage-y and definitely my type of cover. Continue reading “Vintage Silk Cover for Tablet”

From Too-Big Vintage Silk Dress to Chic Skirt

To be honest, I don’t deconstruct clothes that much anymore. I’ve only deconstructed probably 2 dresses in the past 5 months, compared to the monthly deconstruction projects I used to do. I am not very creative and I only have decent sewing skills. I also don’t have a sewing machine. I only sew by hand, learned through years of practice and lessons from our elementary school Home Economics teacher. Continue reading “From Too-Big Vintage Silk Dress to Chic Skirt”

OUTFIT POST | Red Silk & Jeans

I’m wearing a vintage silk top I bought from one Sunday of thrifting adventure with my bestfriend and her sister. The plan to wear this kept getting postponed until one Sunday when my boyfriend and I decided to use the Fully-booked gift certificates we received from our lawyer couple friend.

This pair of pants is my version of the skinny jeans. Yes, skinny jeans are sexy but they don’t work for everyone, including me. I have ample hips and thighs. Many think those are signs of obesity, but I say those are signs of being curvy. Skinny jeans doesn’t work for me because it doesn’t give me a good figure. Wearing skinny jeans reminds me of Tuding’s skinless chorizo (delicious, by the way). So this pair is my version of the skinny jeans: high-waist, flared at the bottom, hip-hugging, and in dark wash. The high-waist is one particular feature I love, because I have a long torso and short legs. The high-waist “corrects” my proportions.

I used to be trendy when picking jeans, but that didn’t always work. So, I try to pick jeans that work for me even if the cuts are not trendy. In fact, because not all cuts flatter me, I only have three pairs of jeans, now four when I picked up another light-washed pair from a thrift shop.

I’m wearing vintage silk top, thrifted denim pants, Linea Italia flats, and leather wallet from Mama.

OUTFIT | Picture2x

Don’t look at me. Look at the people having so much fun taking pictures behind me. 😀 Nowadays, cameras are very affordable and popular. Social networking sites also allow us to post pictures of ourselves immediately. There was a time when cameras were expensive, much more the processing of films. Those days photographs were rare and really treasured keepsakes. Whatever you’ve captured on film can’t be immediately erased. Now, Kodak is in bankruptcy, and films and film processing have once again become rare and expensive. They are even in danger of dying. Too sad.

I’m wearing Banana Republic white shirt, a silk skirt I had since college, Juan by Janilyn shoes bought on sale, and vintage bag.