July 2016 #OOTDS

Let’s a take a break from the travel posts (but I would still blog some more travel-related posts next week because I have some backlog stories to share), and talk about outfits! Haha.. I was (and still am) seriously considering converting this blog into a travel blog because travel-related posts seem to be the more popular posts. But I just can’t resist the temptation of posting outfit photos because outfit photos were the core and the backbone of this blog since its creation. I will resolve to publish only one #ootd post per month because, the truth is, I also don’t go out often. Continue reading “July 2016 #OOTDS”


Vintage, Jeans and Coffee


This is a #throwbackthursday #ootd, having been busy and preoccupied in my real life. In the once-a-year occasion of celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday, I also took the rare chance to wear my pair of jeans, paired with a vintage top, thrifted Salvatore Ferragamo flats, and gifted Charles & Keith bag.

#OOTD These Days

Life’s been busy and fun lately so entries in my blog has been scant. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t take the time to take pictures of #ootd or outfit of the day, except I was too lazy to upload and write. I’m still loving vintage, maybe even more so. I’m also taking time to wear clothes and use accessories given to me as gifts from family and friends. Continue reading “#OOTD These Days”

Unlikely Inspiration



Sometimes, we find inspiration in the unlikeliest of things or places. While we were at Bunzie’s Cove last August, I was busy snapping away pictures of everything I found “nice,””cute,” and “artsy.” Because I brought a digital camera with me, I had no reservations as to what pictures to take and how many. I took this picture of a fabric there because I thought the yellow and the gray combination was unexpected. A few weeks later, I unconsciously chose to wear an outfit that had the same combination. Another trivia: the necklace I’m wearing is made of silver and yellow hair pins.



grayyellow02Wearing: thrifted dress, necklace from downtown shop, thrifted Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.


OUTFIT | Unexpected Prints


Just before my sister went back to Dubai, we visited our favorite lawyer to have some papers notarized. Because our appointment was after lunch time, we decided to just go out of the house early and have lunch at a nearby barbecue/grill place. After lunch, we had a few minutes to spare so we walked to the nearby improved Plaza Independencia, which was dotted with the Philippine flag as we just celebrated our country’s independence day. I choose to wear a top + skirt combination because it was a hot day, but I choose to “amp” it up with some unexpected print combination. I am no expert at combining prints in an outfit — but you don’t have to be an expert to wear unexpected print combinations. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Unexpected Prints”

OUTFIT | Pasundayag


One Sunday, my friend invited me to a concert by the UP Serenata. He was a member of the UP Serenata, and because I don’t have much of a social life, I gladly went. The show was titled Pasundayag (Bisaya for “show” or “showcase”). I wore this vintage striped dress that became very appropriate because the show looked back at music and dance from the 1950s. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Pasundayag”

OUTFIT | The Vagina Monologues


Since I was a child, speaking out and voicing my opinions has been a struggle. I have extreme stage fright, and I could last a day or days without uttering a word. Maybe, that’s why I thrive in a job that allows me to write, because in there I find a voice I am comfortable of sharing. I love silence, and reading a book or sleeping. Most days, I am in my cave, I hide in my protective shell. While I dream of getting out, exploring the world, I am also afraid of exposing myself to uncertainties. That is why I have great respect for the adventurer — not the adventurer who goes out of town on weekends, but the adventurer who place her/himself in an unfamiliar territory, a land full of strangers, and enjoy his/her stay. Continue reading “OUTFIT | The Vagina Monologues”

Light Florals

Light Florals

I’m loving light florals these days (well, I love florals year round). One day, I decided to go overboard and don florals from head to knees (haha).  Florals is an easy way to be and feel pretty.  They are the best symbolisms of femininity, not weakness.  In this outfit, I decided to wear florals with white background, although the prints are in different colors.  I also loved how this vintage top is a few sizes big for me that it looks like a kimono top.  The fabric is light-weight that it just falls perfectly.  I wore it with a lace top underneath because it was very sheer.  The skirt is also a vintage skirt that fits me really well.  I paired the outfit with a floral bag, in darker print, which is a gift from my aunt.

Wearing: vintage top as cover-up | lace tank underneath | vintage floral skirt | salvatore ferragamo flats | gifted floral bag