How to Personalize Give-away Planners


Even in this age of technology, I still can’t bring myself to use a tablet or a smartphone to keep my schedule organized. It must be just a mental thing — but I love to write down to-do lists, future activities and budgets in paper. I also love ticking off or scratching out done tasks. It makes me more “fulfilled” as compared to when I just typed it in a digital planner. I also love not being able to totally erase my plans. In short, I love planners. Continue reading “How to Personalize Give-away Planners”

Musings on the Road Not Taken

There is a certain kind of joy in traveling, especially traveling roads you’ve never traveled on before. A framed Robert Frost poem — The Road Not Taken — is a fixture in my grandmother’s house. Whether she mindlessly or intentionally placed that frame in her house, I don’t know. But one thing I do know — that poem has been my inspiration in the many things I do and the decisions I made in life. And I am pretty sure, that poem has also influenced the lives of my siblings and cousins. Continue reading “Musings on the Road Not Taken”

OUTFIT | Tablecloth Dress & Flower Picking

Some special occasions happen only once a year, and often, we prepare for months in order to make that special occasion more special. There was a special occasion in my life recently and I prepared for it by buying a really lovely floral vintage dress. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Tablecloth Dress & Flower Picking”

OUTFIT | Adieu Leather Jacket

How do you care for a leather jacket? A faux-leather jacket to be exact? I bought this leather jacket (also worn here) a few years ago from a thrift shop and I only use it when I travel, which became less frequent when I went to school and when I started accepting freelance gigs. Although the leather jacket is an epitome of “cool,” at least that’s what I always read in fashion magazines, I’ve always thought the leather jacket is kind of annoying, especially when travelling. No. 1, the jacket is bulky, takes up space in precious airline luggage, and is a little heavy. No. 2, while the jacket gives me enough warmth in chilly travel accommodations,  the jacket is too hot for summer weather, meaning it cannot perform a double purpose. No. 3, a leather jacket needs to be fit to a tee in order to look good on anyone but I hated that because I almost always wear a top with sleeves and it bunches up when I use my leather jacket.

But I still loved the thought of owning a faux-leather jacket and wearing one when I am feeling like rockin’-and-rollin’. Unfortunately, I failed to do research on how to properly care for these kinds of jackets because recently I noticed that the faux-leather has started flaking off, and I know it would now be more embarrassing than cool to wear it. So, the jacket is now off with my mother, who knows what to do with it — probably throw it away.

Speaking of leather jackets, I’ve been waking up to colder mornings and sleeping to colder nights. December is just 2 days away and I’m loving Justin Bieber’s Christmas song. The year went by quickly, but I always look forward to December — the holidays, the lights, the decor, the glitter and sparkle, the colder air, the carols, the children singing carols, gifts and gifting.

I’m wearing thrifted faux-leather jacket, vintage dress, garage sale flats, gifted bag, and vintage belt. Good bye leather jacket, and good bye November! 😀

OUTFIT POST | Red Silk & Jeans

I’m wearing a vintage silk top I bought from one Sunday of thrifting adventure with my bestfriend and her sister. The plan to wear this kept getting postponed until one Sunday when my boyfriend and I decided to use the Fully-booked gift certificates we received from our lawyer couple friend.

This pair of pants is my version of the skinny jeans. Yes, skinny jeans are sexy but they don’t work for everyone, including me. I have ample hips and thighs. Many think those are signs of obesity, but I say those are signs of being curvy. Skinny jeans doesn’t work for me because it doesn’t give me a good figure. Wearing skinny jeans reminds me of Tuding’s skinless chorizo (delicious, by the way). So this pair is my version of the skinny jeans: high-waist, flared at the bottom, hip-hugging, and in dark wash. The high-waist is one particular feature I love, because I have a long torso and short legs. The high-waist “corrects” my proportions.

I used to be trendy when picking jeans, but that didn’t always work. So, I try to pick jeans that work for me even if the cuts are not trendy. In fact, because not all cuts flatter me, I only have three pairs of jeans, now four when I picked up another light-washed pair from a thrift shop.

I’m wearing vintage silk top, thrifted denim pants, Linea Italia flats, and leather wallet from Mama.