Flowers at The Public Library


The public library in Cebu City is operational. We once checked it out on a weekend, and it was closed. But it’s open on weekdays. While the materials I was looking for were not found there, I noticed the library had many classic and contemporary books that were for borrowing. I think the borrowing process is complicated though — you need to fill up a form and have it signed by the barangay captain or councilor. But I guess that’s one way of proving you are a citizen of the city (?). Anyhow, I captured these flowers from the library. A more comprehensive entry on the library is here.



OUTFIT | Champagne in the Rain


My boyfriend and I spent one Sunday having another double date. We (actually, only my boyfriend) took maternity shots of our friend, Nestie and Jay-R, and had lots of fun even with the heavy rain. Our first (but not our last) maternity shoot. 😛 I love having photoshoots with friends because I can play a dream role, and they allow me to play a dream role, and we all have fun while being productive. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Champagne in the Rain”

Colors & Humor

Continue reading “Colors & Humor”

Have Fun, Happy Weekend!


What are your plans for this long weekend? Whether they are grand or simple or nothing, make sure you enjoy the no-work days, and enjoy them with people you love and who matters most. Make sure your time counts. As for me, I’m going to have some thrifting adventures over two days, head off to the countryside for food and good sleep, and work! And, don’t forget to bring your cameras to capture your precious moments. For added kick to your photos, make them fun by using filters! You can use your shades as filters. For the photos above, I used filters for my Holga and used them with a Nikon dslr.  Have fun, and happy weekend!