Lanna Folklife Museum, Chiang Mai

Our introduction to Chiang Mai came in the form of a museum. Come to think of it, this was the only museum we visited in our Thailand trip, and we were only compelled to do this because a local, Joy, the owner of our guesthouse, recommended we make such a visit. We had time to burn while waiting for our 2PM check-in time and Joy suggested we visit the Lanna Folklike Museum, which was just one big block away from the guesthouse. Continue reading “Lanna Folklife Museum, Chiang Mai”


Casa Gorordo


Casa Gorordo is one of the most popular tourist must-sees in downtown Cebu City being the former residence of the first Cebuano bishop, Bishop Juan Garces Gorordo. The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. now runs the museum, and has prohibited several popular activities in the premises, like pre-nuptial photoshoots and wedding venues. Taking pictures inside the house is, obviously, not prohibited, but flashes are not allowed. Continue reading “Casa Gorordo”

Flowers at The Public Library


The public library in Cebu City is operational. We once checked it out on a weekend, and it was closed. But it’s open on weekdays. While the materials I was looking for were not found there, I noticed the library had many classic and contemporary books that were for borrowing. I think the borrowing process is complicated though — you need to fill up a form and have it signed by the barangay captain or councilor. But I guess that’s one way of proving you are a citizen of the city (?). Anyhow, I captured these flowers from the library. A more comprehensive entry on the library is here.


Science Sparks Exhibit

I am kind of a museum fanatic (Mind Museum, Rizal Library & Museum). Whenever I go somewhere, I’d always like to check out a museum to let me put into context the recent developments (and undevelopments) in that place. To be honest, I always find it a pity if a town or a city has no museum. I am happy that our small town of Lazi has a museum. And I feel lucky to be living in city full of museums. Continue reading “Science Sparks Exhibit”

Rizal Memorial Library

The Rizal Memorial Library is an intriguing structure along Osmena Blvd., in midtown Cebu City. It is intriguing, because it is not very imposing like the Capitol building, but the library is a beautiful structure by itself. I remembered that the library was renovated, but I’m glad it is now back and running. Continue reading “Rizal Memorial Library”

Manila, Old & New

We went to Manila mainly to attend the wedding of my boyfriend’s college classmate.  It was going to be in San Agustin Church in Intramuros and it was a good chance to explore the walled city again.  My first time to go to Intramuros was in 2005 when my grandma took me with her in one of the Wow! Philippines exhibitions there.  I could not remember what the place looked like in 2005 because we got there at night.  All I remembered was the streets were really narrow, and were tiled.  So, I was back in 2012, and the streets were still narrow Continue reading “Manila, Old & New”