Cebu Farmers Market

Today was a busy day for me. I had to wake up early to do my cousin’s make-up for her graduation from college, I had to prepare lasagna as my contribution to the graduation part, and attend a highschool classmate’s wedding. In between these activities, I had to squeeze in time this morning to check out Cebu Farmers MarketContinue reading “Cebu Farmers Market”


Bazaars are popular this Christmas. They’re everywhere. But they’re not the ones I’m looking for. I am glad Zero Three Two organized Mercado Central, the kind of “bazaar” I am into to. The businesses are local and small and most sell handmade products. The food were also delicious, homemade and of high quality, and we were entertained by a group of ukelele-playing musicians. (If you don’t know, I used to play ukelele when I was young. It’s my kind of music). Continue reading “MERCADO CENTRAL”

McDonald’s Morning


I am not a morning person — this means I have a hard time waking up early in the morning. I won’t even wake up early for work although it helps that work is just less than 10 steps from my bedroom. There are a few things though that motivate me to wake up early: travel, food, and family. Although I am not a morning person, I always eat breakfast no matter what time I wake up, because when I was younger I fainted several times because my stomach was empty. And I love breakfast dates because I have the whole day to spend together, unlike dinners where I have to hurry home before midnight (like Cinderella). Continue reading “McDonald’s Morning”

Cebu Zoo

the large snake to greet you
the large snake to greet you

I’ve been living in Cebu City for around 16 years now, and I have never been to the Cebu Zoo until today. I have heard that the zoo was not kept very well, in fact it was even closed for some time. But it was re-opened and since my nephew is here in the city, I had the excuse to visit the zoo. The zoo is kind of scary. It seems the animals are not happy there. I am no pro-animal rights activist, and I don’t even like animals, but I thought the zoo, that zoo in particular, was a lonely place to be.

The zoo was indeed not kept very well. I don’t think they can improve it though with the meager entrance fees they’re charging — P25 for adults and P10 for kids. The staff is not even wearing a uniform and you wouldn’t know who to ask. Some cages had no labels, I don’t know what I was looking at. Although there were no trash visible on the grounds, the foliage were messy. And the monkeys were eating junk food, with the plastic wrappers still inside their cages. We visited the tiger, which was placed far from the other animals and the stairs leading to the tiger were slippery and uneven, very dangerous, but at least those stairs don’t directly lead to the tiger’s mouth.

the albino snake, also near the entrance
happy or what?
bird 1 — sorry, maybe I should have taken down notes
bird 2 and caretaker
my nephew
we thought this bird was beautiful
Philippine deer
the 60-year old crocodile — the cage is kept dry during daytime so visitors can have pictures with it
smaller crocodiles
the crocodile was not moving, it looked like a log (with eyes)
pink and black combination
the highlight
the visitors

While I thought that the place was pitiful, my nephew, I think, never took notice of the surroundings except for the animals he saw because he was very happy, jumping from one animal to another and exclaiming at the end of the tour that he enjoyed it so much especially the tiger and the cockatoo.

Sprockets Cafe



One Saturday night, our friends Chu and Jerome treated us to dinner at Sprockets Cafe. The Cafe opened this year and I have been wanting to go since opening night but many things got in the way. I am glad Chu and Jerome decided to take us here. I ordered Philly Cheesesteak, and I devoured it within minutes after arrival. We were also famished because we were working that day. The cheesesteak, I think, was delicious. It was so delicious, I still can’t get it out of my mind, and I’m thinking of re-creating it, if only I could find good quality beef. My boyfriend and I shared deep-friend Oreos for dessert and we could not finish it because we were already very full. The interiors are comfortably decorated — the lomowall, my favorite part of the cafe, and that brown chair (above photo) that I’d like to have in my apartment. There are also film/analog cameras for sale. Thanks again to Chu and Jerome, and congratulations! 🙂 (mwah!)