On the Streets, Manila, Part 1

My boyfriend and I do most of our traveling by foot. It is my belief that one can only get to “feel” the pulse of the place when one interacts with the locals, peer at empty alleys, and get lost among strange streets. Wherever we go, I always have the desire to walk, and walk, and walk. There are many things you’ll miss when riding a vehicle, so I’d prefer to walk.

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On the Streets, Manila, Part 2

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OUTFIT | Sunshiny Summer Days


It’s summer and it’s hot.  I am always tempted to go to the mall, but I’m more tempted to take a walk and bring my low-tech cameras with me.  You see, my low-tech cameras are not sophisticated (that’s why they’re “low-tech”).  They were made for people like me — who don’t care what the specs are of your camera or what camera you are using as long as you are producing beautiful pictures, who don’t want to learn more about apertures and the rest of the photography jargon. I don’t have a technique, or a style, I just point, and shoot.  These hot summer days are low-tech cameras’ best friends, and before these summer days end, I am hoping to point and shoot some more to capture the sunshiny summer days. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Sunshiny Summer Days”

Manila, Old & New

We went to Manila mainly to attend the wedding of my boyfriend’s college classmate.  It was going to be in San Agustin Church in Intramuros and it was a good chance to explore the walled city again.  My first time to go to Intramuros was in 2005 when my grandma took me with her in one of the Wow! Philippines exhibitions there.  I could not remember what the place looked like in 2005 because we got there at night.  All I remembered was the streets were really narrow, and were tiled.  So, I was back in 2012, and the streets were still narrow Continue reading “Manila, Old & New”

OUTFIT | Black, Gray, and Leather

My boyfriend and I went to a 4-day trip last week and packing was a real challenge, mostly because I had limited baggage capacity and I was lugging a laptop along for work. (loser).   Continue reading “OUTFIT | Black, Gray, and Leather”