OUTFIT | Neon & Stripes





Neon was a hit a few [fashion] seasons past. The last time I remembered wearing neon was in highschool — a neon orange sweater. As much as I want to deny wearing that sweater, I couldn’t because there are pictures to prove it. After highschool, neon only came in the form of highlighters and post-its. I don’t know why (maybe in my deepest subconscious I have a fetish for neon) but I bought this thing from my favorite accessories store in downtown Cebu. It was cheaper, already several percent off the original cheap price, and it looked like something other than a necklace. It could be a crown, or something you use to trace. This thing was already gathering dust in the apartment when I had the brilliant idea of wearing it together with this knitted black and white striped dress shirt and pair of thrifted Roger Vivier sandals. I think the color combinations worked, but I felt like a prisoner.

OUTFIT | Being Silly


Sometimes my intention in dressing up is to look appropriate and good. Oftentimes, it is to have fun and add a bit of humor. I am not known to have a sense of humor. In fact, the way I dress may be better than my humor, which means my humor is really bad. We dress up for different reasons, but I love it when people dress up to combine a good sense of style and a good sense of humor.


* wearing thrifted knitted shirt dress, vintage clutch from grand aunt, flats from local mall, glasses from downtown Cebu store *

Photos by Joel Lopez

Knitted over Knitted

There was a picture of a woman wearing a white knitted skirt and I could not get the skirt out of my head. So I searched for a similar skirt, and voila! I found one at a thrift shop (where else?) and it was also on sale. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve worn this exact outfit twice already and maybe I’m going to wear it again (change the bag and shoes, maybe).

I’m wearing thrifted Gay Giano knitted top, thrifted knitted skirt, garage sale flats, thrifted quilted bag, and vintage belt. Happy holidays!

OUTFIT | Gray & the Heavy Bag

Recently, I have the desire to wear same-color outfit. I don’t know if that’s baduy or not. I just think it’s a no-brainer. I am always hurrying because I almost always underestimate my time, so I go for the one-color palette. Like this one. I never realized my bag really looked heavy until I saw these pictures. I seldom use small bags maybe because I carry my laptop almost everywhere with me. I always think that whatever happens, I can work anytime and beat all deadlines.

I’m wearing gray knitted dress (also worn here), bazaar flats, gifted bag and gifted belt.

OUTFIT | The Library & Turtle Neck

I love libraries. I love books and I love libraries because it’s one place where people are required not to make a noise. I went to a library last Thursday to check things out, and chat with random people (it’s fun). I wanted to wear something colorful, but I’m afraid to be too loud, especially in a library when you are required not to make noise. (Corny?). ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m also debuting here some pieces of accessories I have collected from family. The brooch is from my grand-aunt, and the watch is not working and I think it is from one of the boys in the family. I love accessories, but I’m not fond, and good at, accessorizing. ย With accessories, for me, it’s better to have none, than to don inappropriate ones. I’ve also not been accessorizing lately, because, to be honest, I haven’t unpacked my accessories yet.

I’m wearing thrifted knitted turtle neck, thrifted pants, thrifted Staccato shoes, gifted accessories.


My best friend and I loved wearing turtle neck tops in college. I have always thought they were on trend that’s why I kept wearing them. But my bestfriend told me last summer that turtle necks were never on trend.


There’s a tropical storm. I hope everyone stays safe. Happy Monday!