Thrifted Moschino “Garden” Skirt

I was lucky to snatch this Moschino Cheap & Chic skirt with cute stitching. The stitching reminded me of the many cross-stitch pieces I made when I was younger. I thought it would be the best skirt to wear to a children’s party. The skirt though was too tight I can barely breath in it anymore. That skirt will have to go to someone with smaller hips soon. I paired it with a vintage neon top, gifted handbag and Juan by Janilyn l0w-heeled pumps. Continue reading “Thrifted Moschino “Garden” Skirt”

OUTFIT | The Ninang



I am not a very religious person, but I am a very dedicated godparent. One Sunday in September, I became a ninang to my 7th godchild, my 2nd god son (Lucas). I wore one of my most-treasured thrifted dress, Juan granny shoes (because I knew I would be standing during the ceremony) and a vintage quilted bag.

Eyelet on Lace


I dreamt of this outfit many times before actually wearing it. In my dreams, I was very shapely, I had really long legs, my hair was “done” and so was my make-up. I was also wearing teetering high heels and carrying an “it” bag, and The Sartorialist was snapping a photographh of me. Then I woke up and it was almost noon time, I had to work and work really hard, and I had less than 30 minutes to take a bath, comb my hair, and put on my clothes — and the cropped top was too short and awkward and the eyelet skirt was too tight and was not really the exact shape I imagined in my dreams. I also had to wear grandma heels because I need to walk fast to walk two blocks to the jeepney stop and walk faster to arrive only 30 minutes after my boyfriend at our designated meeting place. While walking towards the jeepney stop, I had to look around me in case Mr. Schumann was there and I would run fast if he’d see me. Have you seen To Rome with Love by Woody Allen? 😛

I’m wearing vintage lace cropped top, eyelet skirt, Juan shoes, and vintage bag. Photos by Joel Lopez.

OUTFIT | Bipolarism & Skyfall

I found this dress from a thrift shop months ago, and thought this would be the dress I’d wear to watch Skyfall because it reminded me of someone who can’t make up her mind. When I reviewed these pictures though, I thought the dress made me look like “M” for “matronly.”

I’m wearing thrifted dress, gifted bag, Juan by Janilyn sandals, and Avon studs.

Pink All Over

Yes, pink is my favorite color. And I love it in all possible ranges of hue. But I don’t like it in huge quantities. I only love it in small dosage. But last night, fighting another bout of insomnia, I thought maybe I should wear an all-pink outfit. Why not, coconut? I don’t know if the outfit is cheesy or what. Maybe it is, but I think I will wear all-pink again.

I’m also wearing these pair of Juan shoes my sister and I got on sale some years ago. I think I’ve only worn these shoes thrice. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to find an outfit that matches these shoes.  I’m also wearing a necklace by Chastity Manuel from their pop-up shop last Saturday.

I’m wearing vintage top borrowed from the Shop, thrifted pink skirt, Juan shoes, and Chastity Manuel necklace.