Thrifted Moschino “Garden” Skirt

I was lucky to snatch this Moschino Cheap & Chic skirt with cute stitching. The stitching reminded me of the many cross-stitch pieces I made when I was younger. I thought it would be the best skirt to wear to a children’s party. The skirt though was too tight I can barely breath in it anymore. That skirt will have to go to someone with smaller hips soon. I paired it with a vintage neon top, gifted handbag and Juan by Janilyn l0w-heeled pumps. Continue reading “Thrifted Moschino “Garden” Skirt”


OUTFIT | Men’s Wear

I love cute and girly dresses, but on the other side, I also love, love men’s wear. I find them comfortable, and sometimes sexy. I also really love this pair of shoes I bought from Janilyn (okay, I’ll say it here: I love Janilyn, it’s my favorite shoe store). My mother laughed at me when I wore this because she said it reminded her of her grandfather. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Men’s Wear”

Bipolarism & Skyfall

I found this dress from a thrift shop months ago, and thought this would be the dress I’d wear to watch Skyfall because it reminded me of someone who can’t make up her mind. When I reviewed these pictures though, I thought the dress made me look like “M” for “matronly.” Continue reading “Bipolarism & Skyfall”

OUTFIT | Black & White & Velvet

This is what I wore to Maui and Chastity’s mini-fashion show.  I planned to wear something sexy (naks!) and has reworked a thrifted dress for that. But last Saturday was cold and I was anticipating it would be colder at night, so I wore something comfortable and warm.  The cover-up is actually a large top. Maui and Chastity’s mini-fashion was very intimate and fun, and … Continue reading OUTFIT | Black & White & Velvet

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