Banana-Coconut Flour Pancakes


My husband and I have been frequenting the Farmers’ Market at SRP, and last Saturday, we bought half a kilo of bananas. Because we had a rather heavy dinner last night (thank you family!), I decided to make a healthier breakfast to try to make up for the scrumptious dinner. These banana pancakes are an update to these Flourless, 3-Ingredient Pancakes as today’s pancakes involved more than three ingredients and incorporated a new twist. Continue reading “Banana-Coconut Flour Pancakes”

FOOD | Spanish Sardines Spaghetti

How was your long weekend? Mine was a regular long weekend, dotted with DIY and craft projects, family meals, and work. Today’s gonna be hang-over day for some people, so I’m sharing an easy to make, delicious and not very expensive pasta dish that you bring for lunch or whip up tonight after tackling your work backlog. I love this dish because it involves a good bottle of Spanish sardines, which I consider a luxury food.  Continue reading “FOOD | Spanish Sardines Spaghetti”

Cauliflower Rice


Filipino that I am, I am a big rice eater. Even when I’m eating noodles, there should be rice on the side. At worst, even when I’m eating spaghetti, I sneak in a few spoons of rice. Rice is not bad, not bad at all, but I’ve been trying to experiment with cooking rice and incorporating vegetables and proteins into it so that I can consume less of the rice (carbohydrates!) and more of the nutrients from the vegetables and meat.  Continue reading “Cauliflower Rice”

How to Make Gourmet Tuyo


Today’s a Friday, and for most people, the start of a long weekend.  I, on the other hand, will have to work long during the weekend to eliminate all work-related backlogs. To help me reduce my time preparing lunch, I made gourmet tuyo (pina-sosyal nga bulad/dried fish).

I always see this mentioned in blogs and cooking/TV shows and have seen bottles at Rustan’s Fresh but thought a bottle, which costs around P180, is too expensive.  So I decided to just make it at home, given my proximity to Taboan Market, the go-to place for buwad lovers. Continue reading “How to Make Gourmet Tuyo”

How to Make Crepes at Home


Happy Monday! To start off our week, let me share with you something I thought I could never make at home — crepes! My nephew LOVES crepes, especially mango crepes with vanilla ice cream. When we go out, he’d always ask for crepes. It never occurred to me that crepes are so easy to make until I had leftover batter from this pancake recipe and leftover milk from the said recipe. Continue reading “How to Make Crepes at Home”