Being Alice at The Chocolate Chamber

One sunny summer afternoon, my husband and I felt like we found ourselves in a rabbit’s hole. We set a date for a date, and we choose to have high tea at The Chocolate Chamber in Mabolo because it is far away from the maddening crowd and we could talk about life. What was an idyllic afternoon summer date turned into a magical date with someone better than my husband and I. Continue reading “Being Alice at The Chocolate Chamber”


Calamansi Cake


Happy hump day!

I’m featuring another baked recipe — this time, a recipe that was an experiment. I am a big fan of calamansi. It is my favorite citrus, and I always have it in my kitchen for drinking (juice and teas) and to add  flavor to dishes and dipping sauces. When I was in Baguio a few years ago, one of the pastries I picked up from Cafe by the Ruins is a piece of calamansi tart. I am also a big fan of and love their food hack section. When I saw this recipe for Boracay Calamansi Muffins, I knew I have to give it a try. I made into a cake though because I thought cakes go well with tea, and I think this calamansi cake will be in my future high-teas. Continue reading “Calamansi Cake”