Colors, Scribbles and Architecture at MC Briones St.


The Senior Citizens’ Park in Cebu City is located at MC Briones Street. The street also offers many unexpected interesting sights and colors that I captured before capping our walk with an afternoon snack of buko shake and street pizza. Continue reading “Colors, Scribbles and Architecture at MC Briones St.”

Cebu City’s Senior Citizens’ Park


The senior citizens’ program by the Cebu City Government is one of the reasons why I love living in this city. I am not yet a senior citizen so I don’t know what it feels like receiving the benefits of the program, but the feedback from people who are members of the program is a testament of how successful the program is. Also if you’ll check the Cebu City Government’s page on how senior citizens can get their IDs, they indicated the amount of time each step of the process takes. I don’t know if the process is really that efficient, but at least senior citizens can have a basis for their complaint if their application takes longer than what was indicated in the web site. Continue reading “Cebu City’s Senior Citizens’ Park”

TRAVEL | Lazi Fiesta

This is a belated post, and I had second thoughts about publishing this. But because I already spent some hours researching and writing this, here goes:

Last year, I made a blog entry on our town’s fiesta. Please expect that I will be writing about the fiesta every year. The fiesta is a significant event in our town. We celebrate it on the 15th of May and members of the Roman Catholic Church dedicate the day to honor St. Isidore, the Farmer. St. Isidore, the Farmer, is our town’s patron saint. Continue reading “TRAVEL | Lazi Fiesta”

The Summer Solstice

June 24, the feast of St. John, was one of the very few times we were allowed to bathe in the sea (the other time being Good Friday to ward off evil spirits). My grandmother, who was a survivor of a tragic sea accident, never loved the sea and always discouraged us from swimming. Now, a grown up, I don’t have a love affair with the beach, the sea, or the ocean. In fact, I fear it just as I fear heights. Listening to my grandmother’s stories on her ordeal (seeing the eyes of whales, and watching people die and disappear), it’s always at the back of my mind that when Mother Nature unleashes her wrath, no one will be spared. We are at the mercy of no one. So I fear the water. Continue reading “The Summer Solstice”

Sepia in Carcar


One Wednesday afternoon last summer, my sister and I boarded a bus at the Cebu South bus station to go to Carcar. Our goal was to meet up with our friend who was working there and have dinner. One good thing about Carcar is that all government offices, the church, and it’s major university are located within walking distance between each other. Although we arrived at the city past 5PM, which meant all government offices and museums were already closed, we had a satisfying 30-minute tour of the historic area. Continue reading “Sepia in Carcar”