Recycled Dress for Weekend





For the past years, I have reserved this dress for formal occasions, only wearing them for weddings, gatherings and formal occasions in school. Then I thought it wouldn’t hurt to wear a dress I only allocate for formal occasions to casual weekends. So, I recycled this dress for a weekend. To complete the look, I wore slippers, Human Nature tote, and thrifted hat.

Musings on the Road Not Taken

There is a certain kind of joy in traveling, especially traveling roads you’ve never traveled on before. A framed Robert Frost poem — The Road Not Taken — is a fixture in my grandmother’s house. Whether she mindlessly or intentionally placed that frame in her house, I don’t know. But one thing I do know — that poem has been my inspiration in the many things I do and the decisions I made in life. And I am pretty sure, that poem has also influenced the lives of my siblings and cousins. Continue reading “Musings on the Road Not Taken”

Thrifted Hat and Vintage Sundress for R(and)R in Moalboal


Why is “summer” almost always synonymous to “beach”? I don’t know. But, surely here in the Philippines, where beautiful beaches abound, summer definitely means going to the beach! My second trip to the beach this summer was with my workmates (fellow bankruptcy geeks). Continue reading “Thrifted Hat and Vintage Sundress for R(and)R in Moalboal”

OUTFIT | Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials: hat (thrifted), sunglasses (vintage)

People complain no matter what the weather is. It’s already summer here in the Philippines. Holy Week starts today, Palm Sunday. That means, by Good Friday, it would get super hot. I keep myself cool during the day by taking a long shower, drinking lots of water, and letting my electric fan blow cool air. Because summer is here, I thought it might be good to share what my summer essentials are.

I am a “hat” and “sunglasses” person. I don’t hoard but I have several hats and sunglasses that I use whenever I go out. Most of my hats are thrifted from my favorite thrift shop in downtown Cebu. I also have several gifted hats. There are many affordable hats sold in many malls across the city. Hats protect us (and our hair) from the heat. For summer, I suggest buying straw hats (very popular and chic to bring to the beach and to pair with summer dresses). For sunglasses, I wear those with dark or tinted lens so I wouldn’t squint when it’s too shiny outside. The sunglasses also helps protect your eyes from dust and flying objects/insects when traveling. Buy/wear those that flatter the shape of your face. I haven’t seen a lot of sunglasses in thrift shops, but there are lots of sunglasses sold in bazaars and department stores that are very affordable. I don’t know though if wearing sunglasses made with not very good quality lenses have an adverse effect to our eyes.


I am not a spaghetti-strapped clothes-wearing person because I find strapless bras oppressive. But the summer heat beckons me to wear really comfortable, breezy clothes so I won’t suffocate. Because I feel a little naked when wearing spaghetti-strapped tops, I covered up with a vest that’s light and comfortable. A denim vest, I think, would also do great.


To protect my skin, I put on Human Nature’s 100% Natural Moisturizing Day Fluid and pamper it before I sleep with Human Nature’s 100% Natural Moisturizing Night Cream. To protect my lips, I use Maybelline’s Lip Smooth Color & Care (with SPF 16 and tint, found in Watson’s).

Hope you all have a fun summer!

OUTFIT | Champagne in the Rain

My boyfriend and I spent one Sunday having another double date. We (actually, only my boyfriend) took maternity shots of our friend, Nestie and Jay-R, and had lots of fun even with the heavy rain. Our first (but not our last) maternity shoot. 😛 I love having photoshoots with friends because I can play a dream role, and they allow me to play a dream role, and we all have fun while being productive. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Champagne in the Rain”