OUTFIT | Unlikely Inspiration



Sometimes, we find inspiration in the unlikeliest of things or places. While we were at Bunzie’s Cove last August, I was busy snapping away pictures of everything I found “nice,””cute,” and “artsy.” Because I brought a digital camera with me, I had no reservations as to what pictures to take and how many. I took this picture of a fabric there because I thought the yellow and the gray combination was unexpected. A few weeks later, I unconsciously chose to wear an outfit that had the same combination. Another trivia: the necklace I’m wearing is made of silver and yellow hair pins.



grayyellow02Wearing: thrifted dress, necklace from downtown shop, thrifted Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.


OUTFIT | Gray & the Heavy Bag

Recently, I have the desire to wear same-color outfit. I don’t know if that’s baduy or not. I just think it’s a no-brainer. I am always hurrying because I almost always underestimate my time, so I go for the one-color palette. Like this one. I never realized my bag really looked heavy until I saw these pictures. I seldom use small bags maybe because I carry my laptop almost everywhere with me. I always think that whatever happens, I can work anytime and beat all deadlines.

I’m wearing gray knitted dress (also worn here), bazaar flats, gifted bag and gifted belt.

OUTFIT | Jacket Rewind

I love a good denim jacket. For how many years, I only had one, this one Levi’s denim jacket, and I did not think of getting another one because what’s the use of another one. I only need one classic denim jacket. But I saw this pair I’m wearing above, cropped, with some studs at the collar, is very soft, fits me to a T, and costs P35 (actually only P33.33 because it was 3 for P100). I love it so much that I’m wearing it again (after this).

I’m wearing thrifted denim jacket (also worn here), vintage top (also worn here), thrifted skirt, slippers, and preloved bag.

OUTFIT | aka Robin Padilla

I was feeling kinda cold the past days. In fact, on Friday, I slept at 4 in the afternoon and I was covered chin to toe with a blanket. The following day, I was deciding what to wear, and I thought I should use the pair of jeans more often so it would get dirtier and I’d have to take to the laundry shop. And I thought why not wear denim all over? I thought it was a cool idea until we took these pictures and I said I look like a boy, and my boyfriend said “cge lang kung baduy. . . Kung panahon pa na ni Robin Padilla, uso bitaw na.”(!) Haha. This is indeed a baduy outfit, but what the heck, it’s comfortable and it’s the weekend, it’s cold, and it’s my life, it’s now or never.

I’m wearing thrifted denim jacket, thrifted chambray top that has holes all over, tita’s jeans, preloved bag, downtown necklace, bazaar sandals.

OUTFIT | Gray & Florals

I am rediscovering this pair of thrifted off-white pants that I only wore once since I bought it. The pants are comfortable, and is the right length for these pair of thrifted gray pumps. I was inspired to wear heels because my companions that day were very beautiful (thanks to the make-up expertise of our friend). I’m wearing necklace bought downtown, thrifted Cacharel top, thrifted white pants, gifted bag, and mix of bracelets.