P100 Teacup Flowers


My husband’s niece celebrated her 18th birthday and we decided to give her a “tea party.” Her favorite color is blue and hydrangeas (locally called “million”) were the only blue-colored flower we found when we went to the Freedom Park. We had a difficult time looking for hyndrangeas as they were almost already sold out, the day being a Friday (meaning lots of weddings to be held the following day). Good thing a kind flower vendor allowed me to buy three bunches of hydrangeas for P30 each bunch. I gave him a P100 bill and asked him to keep the change, which meant I paid P100 for these flowers. Continue reading “P100 Teacup Flowers”


Up Up and Away Hot-Air Balloon Table Centerpieces

Today, I am now halfway done with another set of centerpieces for my friend’s daughter’s first birthday. My friend has been urging me to make this a business, but I am not inclined to follow her advice because my main motivator in making things is when they are for people I love. It’s been almost a year since her eldest daughter’s Up, Up and Away second birthday party and I still haven’t shared here the centerpieces I made for Mia. Continue reading “Up Up and Away Hot-Air Balloon Table Centerpieces”

Impromtu Table Setting at Grandma’s House


My grandmother is an unbelievable hoarder. I know that’s very typical of most women (and most grandmothers) who find use for even the oldest and most dilapidated can or bottle in the house. My grandmother never throws things away, and it’s impossible to start a conversation with her on purging. Purging is not in her dictionary. Often times though, my grandma’s being a hoarder is put to good use, especially when it comes to impromptu events when we need to set her table for guests — even if it’s just family.  Continue reading “Impromtu Table Setting at Grandma’s House”

Garland Using White Plastic Flowers


After my first DIY post on floral headbands, I  got obsessed with making paper flowers and pinning floral headbands and garlands at Pinterest for inspiration. I was on the quest for a durable flower garland that I can let a friend wear for a maternity photoshoot. A garland that’s lightweight and holds its shape despite being packed with other photoshoot paraphernalia. I finally found the flowers I was looking for at the home department of a local department store — in the form of plastic flowers. Continue reading “Garland Using White Plastic Flowers”

Headband Using Pink Paper Flowers

DSC_6501I’m a typical girly-girl. I love clothes, dressing up, applying and wearing make-up. I take pictures every time I’m drinking coffee, especially when I’m at a coffee shop where lighting is really good. I dream of Paris. And like a typical girly-girl, I adore flowers, and flower headbands. Continue reading “Headband Using Pink Paper Flowers”

Thrift Tip: Recycling Wedding Flowers

Sometimes we leave wedding parties too dazed (either with love infected by the newly-wed couple or with too much booze served at the reception) and we never thought of what will happen to the flowers after the event. Continue reading “Thrift Tip: Recycling Wedding Flowers”

OUTFIT | The Baptism


This is a belated post because I enjoyed the holidays (the whole month of Dec. 2012, in fact!). On the first Saturday of December, I became a godmother to my friend’s daughter. Baby Mia is my sixth godchild. I planned to wear a pink and floral-y vintage dress for the baptism and I spent the whole night before the event patching up a hole at the back of that dress. Unfortunately, when I fitted the dress, it was too loose, and I ended up wearing another vintage dress I thought would be appropriate for baptism. Continue reading “OUTFIT | The Baptism”

Flower Arrangement for P30 Violet Asters

When we went flower picking (see last post), I was looking for baby’s breath — those small white flowers with long stalks. Where we stopped, the flower farmer only had asters, so I settled for asters. For P30, I got a huge bunch that was enough to fill four vases. I learned for making flowers stay in place without the use of floral foam from a Martha Stewart book: make a criss-cross of tape at the opening of the flower vase and place flowers in the squares in between the tapes. For the P30 bunch, I was able to make 4 floral arrangements — 2 placed in huge mugs, 1 in a short glass flower vase and another one in a bottle I saved. Continue reading “Flower Arrangement for P30 Violet Asters”

A Morning of Breakfast Buffet & Flower Picking in Cebu City

Some special occasions happen only once a year, and often, we prepare for months in order to make that special occasion more special. There was a special occasion in my life recently and I prepared for it by buying a really lovely floral vintage dress. Continue reading “A Morning of Breakfast Buffet & Flower Picking in Cebu City”

Vintage Floral Peplum and Thrifted Helmut Lang

From where I thrifted these pair of Vans sneakers and vintage Etienne Aigner bag, I also thrifted two other pairs of shoes: one of which was this pair of Helmut Lang strappy sandals. I was eyeing another pair of strappy sandals but unfortunately the pair was missing, so I settled for this Helmut Lang pair. It’s not bad, isn’t it? I paired the sandals with a vintage floral peplum top that I bought for P10 four years ago, a pair of old shorts (thrifted too, of course), and thrifted leather bag. Hi, how’s life treating you?

Happy Monday!