One weekend, my boyfriend and I dropped by The Henry to check out art at the QUBE Gallery. They were selling art pieces from Cebuano and Boholano artists, proceeds of which would go to the survivors of the Oct. 15 earthquake that hit Central Visayas, most especially Bohol. I was interested in Sio Montera piece above but it was sold already. There was also a floral canvass painting that interested me but it was already wrapped in plastic ready for the new owner. Beside the gallery, we found another cube, which made for good photographs.  Continue reading “OUTFIT | QUBE”

OUTFIT | Child-like Delight


One Sunday afternoon, I accompanied my boyfriend to a photoshoot of a cute little boy (we will call him “Jao”). This is my first time to assist in a shoot involving children. The shoot is hard work because children do whatever they like, but I loved that shoot because everyone (parents, grandparents, uncle, and nannies) got involved and we were all having fun at the backyard laughing at and coaxing the little celebrity to make his cute poses.

I’m wearing thrifted hat, cropped eyelet top, vintage maxi skirt, Linea Italia flats, and garage sale bag.

Eyelet on Lace


I dreamt of this outfit many times before actually wearing it. In my dreams, I was very shapely, I had really long legs, my hair was “done” and so was my make-up. I was also wearing teetering high heels and carrying an “it” bag, and The Sartorialist was snapping a photographh of me. Then I woke up and it was almost noon time, I had to work and work really hard, and I had less than 30 minutes to take a bath, comb my hair, and put on my clothes — and the cropped top was too short and awkward and the eyelet skirt was too tight and was not really the exact shape I imagined in my dreams. I also had to wear grandma heels because I need to walk fast to walk two blocks to the jeepney stop and walk faster to arrive only 30 minutes after my boyfriend at our designated meeting place. While walking towards the jeepney stop, I had to look around me in case Mr. Schumann was there and I would run fast if he’d see me. Have you seen To Rome with Love by Woody Allen? 😛

I’m wearing vintage lace cropped top, eyelet skirt, Juan shoes, and vintage bag. Photos by Joel Lopez.

From Too-Big Vintage Silk Dress to Chic Skirt

To be honest, I don’t deconstruct clothes that much anymore. I’ve only deconstructed probably 2 dresses in the past 5 months, compared to the monthly deconstruction projects I used to do. I am not very creative and I only have decent sewing skills. I also don’t have a sewing machine. I only sew by hand, learned through years of practice and lessons from our elementary school Home Economics teacher. Continue reading “From Too-Big Vintage Silk Dress to Chic Skirt”

OUTFIT | On Imitation Goods

How do you feel about imitation goods? Are you strongly against them? Do you think they’re okay? Or you (shrug shoulders)?  I am not okay with imitation goods because I respect and admire creativity (but then there’s also fair use).  I am also not okay with mass production and sweatshops and oppressive labor conditions. But I am human, and, you may take it against me, I have one imitation good that I still have with me. Guess what it is? (Maybe I will give it away after writing this post).

I’m wearing vintage eyelet blazer borrowed from the Shop, DKNY bodysuit (also worn here, here, and here), old denim shorts, vintage flats (also worn here), and imitation Louis Vuitton (also worn here and here).