Chiang Mai Eats: Street Food, Khao Soi, Burgers

One of the downside of extended traveling is too much eating out. By the time we reached Chiang Mai, I was craving for simple home-cooked meals. It was a blessing that our accommodation in Chiang Mai, Baan Ploy-in, had a common kitchen that was well-equipped, and we were able to make breakfast and lunches “at home.” Despite that, we still ate out because we can’t help it. Here are some of my best eats in Chiang Mai. Continue reading “Chiang Mai Eats: Street Food, Khao Soi, Burgers”


Being Alice at The Chocolate Chamber

One sunny summer afternoon, my husband and I felt like we found ourselves in a rabbit’s hole. We set a date for a date, and we choose to have high tea at The Chocolate Chamber in Mabolo because it is far away from the maddening crowd and we could talk about life. What was an idyllic afternoon summer date turned into a magical date with someone better than my husband and I. Continue reading “Being Alice at The Chocolate Chamber”


Bazaars are popular this Christmas. They’re everywhere. But they’re not the ones I’m looking for. I am glad Zero Three Two organized Mercado Central, the kind of “bazaar” I am into to. The businesses are local and small and most sell handmade products. The food were also delicious, homemade and of high quality, and we were entertained by a group of ukelele-playing musicians. (If you don’t know, I used to play ukelele when I was young. It’s my kind of music). Continue reading “MERCADO CENTRAL”

Saging-Langka Turon


One of the most endearing qualities  my grandmother has is she always sends us things and food stuff. In fact, that quality becomes exaggerated at times because she sometimes sends huge amounts of food that we cannot consume. One of the food stuff is often sends us are bananas. In Lazi, the town where I come from, we celebrate the Saging Festival every May. We don’t celebrate it for nothing. We have lots of bananas, although bananas are also really common in the Philippines (I know a town in Negros Oriental also holds a festival in honor of their bananas). Anyway, our grandmother sent us bananas and tired of eating them boiled and fried, I made “turon” as I also still had a container of home-made langka (jackfruit) jam that my aunt-in-law sent me last Christmas. Continue reading “Saging-Langka Turon”