OUTFIT | Double Standards

Nov. 25 is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Despite being one of the most liberated countries in the world, the Philippines continues to be a double-standard society, where certain acts of men are accepted and tolerated, while the same acts of women are frowned upon. My only solution to the complete elimination of violence (physical, sexual, mental and economic) against women is empowerment and the only tool I know that could lead to empowerment is education. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Double Standards”

Musings on the Road Not Taken

There is a certain kind of joy in traveling, especially traveling roads you’ve never traveled on before. A framed Robert Frost poem — The Road Not Taken — is a fixture in my grandmother’s house. Whether she mindlessly or intentionally placed that frame in her house, I don’t know. But one thing I do know — that poem has been my inspiration in the many things I do and the decisions I made in life. And I am pretty sure, that poem has also influenced the lives of my siblings and cousins. Continue reading “Musings on the Road Not Taken”

OUTFIT | The Vagina Monologues


Since I was a child, speaking out and voicing my opinions has been a struggle. I have extreme stage fright, and I could last a day or days without uttering a word. Maybe, that’s why I thrive in a job that allows me to write, because in there I find a voice I am comfortable of sharing. I love silence, and reading a book or sleeping. Most days, I am in my cave, I hide in my protective shell. While I dream of getting out, exploring the world, I am also afraid of exposing myself to uncertainties. That is why I have great respect for the adventurer — not the adventurer who goes out of town on weekends, but the adventurer who place her/himself in an unfamiliar territory, a land full of strangers, and enjoy his/her stay.

That’s why, one Friday night, I went to a Vagina Monologues show at the La Belle Aurore bookshop in Junquera Street (the venue was fitting, I must say, for Junquera Street is popular place for many violated vaginas). I read the book when I was in highschool (or college), and I found it weird, probably because there were many things I didn’t know when I was 16 and many things I have learned at 28. I know in the show I would find women who would share my voice with me, and, even better, they would make sure my voice would be heard.

There are a lot of criticisms against the Vagina Monologues and I won’t argue with those. To each his/her own, okay. There are many portions of the play that I do not like and do not support, but there are also portions of the play that broke my heart, especially the monologue on “The Vagina is my Village” depicting Bosnian women and their war.  There were also portions of the play that made me laugh and made me thankful I am a woman. Each woman has a vagina story to tell. I have my own vagina story. Kris Aquino has her own vagina story to tell. Unfortunately, not all women can speak about their vagina stories, and that is part of the continuing struggle of women liberation, against women oppression.

Now, I’m going to oppress you with outfit photos. 😛


thrifted dress| gifted Sag Harbor bag | thrifted Salvatore Ferragamo flats

OUTFIT | Tablecloth Dress & Flower Picking

Some special occasions happen only once a year, and often, we prepare for months in order to make that special occasion more special. There was a special occasion in my life recently and I prepared for it by buying a really lovely floral vintage dress. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Tablecloth Dress & Flower Picking”

OUTFIT | Men’s Wear

I love cute and girly dresses, but on the other side, I also love, love men’s wear. I find them comfortable, and sometimes sexy. I also really love this pair of shoes I bought from Janilyn (okay, I’ll say it here: I love Janilyn, it’s my favorite shoe store). My mother laughed at me when I wore this because she said it reminded her of her grandfather.

How are your Christmas preparations? I’ve been doing some DIY decor in the apartment (be sharing them in the next posts). I’m wearing thrifted black blazer, thrifted shirt dress, sister’s bag, Juan by Janilyn shoes.