OUTFIT | Unexpected Prints


Just before my sister went back to Dubai, we visited our favorite lawyer to have some papers notarized. Because our appointment was after lunch time, we decided to just go out of the house early and have lunch at a nearby barbecue/grill place. After lunch, we had a few minutes to spare so we walked to the nearby improved Plaza Independencia, which was dotted with the Philippine flag as we just celebrated our country’s independence day. I choose to wear a top + skirt combination because it was a hot day, but I choose to “amp” it up with some unexpected print combination. I am no expert at combining prints in an outfit — but you don’t have to be an expert to wear unexpected print combinations.

Some people have “rules” to make print combination work, but my rule is: go ahead. Wear clashing prints, clashing colors, clashing everything. But wear them with confidence, a good attitude, and a constant smile. Ditch those “fashion rules,” and please, it’s absolutely okay to be not pressured by trends. What makes an outfit tick is how you wear it.


Wearing thrifted Japanese polka dot top, Philippine-made skirt (an ode to Plaza Independencia), gifted Aldo bag, and thrifted Salvatore Ferragamo flats from Baguio City.

Photos by my sister

OUTFIT | The Island Girl


It’s a hot summer afternoon and my eyes are heavy after eating pandesal and kalamansi juice. It is but fitting to post something that will make a summer afternoon perfect: the beach! ┬áLast Holy Week, I joined my boyfriend and his family in a road trip to Badian, a small town southwest of Cebu City. While I am not a beach bum, it would be sad for me to stay inside my little cave while other people are having fun.

gifted Liz Claiborne hat, vintage polka dot top, vintage Anne Klein shorts

I was in the mood for nautical (blue and white).D7K_1029

one-piece vintage swimsuit | gifted 50s-inspired sunnies

I’m loving white and blue for the beach (vintage top and shorts worn above) and one-piece vintage swimsuit (worn below). Very nautical.



The Philippines has 7,100 (give or take) islands. This summer, we also have 7,100 islands to choose as destinations. It’s truly and really more fun in the Philippines. Ohyeah! Happy summer!

Photos: Joel Lopez

Lambog Beach, Badian, Cebu

OUTFIT | Pink October

Dusks mark the start of the night, signalling the coming of a new day.

My being a woman makes me a candidate for breast cancer. There is no one specific cause for breast cancer except for what medicine men/women would say “a change in one’s DNA” causing normal breast cells to become cancer. I don’t know how that works exactly but I think that means there is nothing I can do. There are risk factors though. Smoking, diet, lifestyle, and genes, age, race, family history (yes, nothing we can do) increase risk to getting breast cancer. There are also unverified rumors on what increases risk to breast cancer (working on night shifts?). So, because we are women, the best we can do is take good care of ourselves, and be supportive of others who are enduring the pains of having breast cancer, and have that regular chitchats with our doctors (not necessarily medical doctors because not everyone believes in them, and not believing in them is not wrong).

pink overlay

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month (Pink October) and just an excuse to wear pink, I wore this vintage polka dot dress that’s a size bigger for me, and could be the larger and darker version of this, in front of a shrub of pink gumamelas.

I’m wearing vintage pink polka dot dress, thrifted belt, and thrifted shoes, and a funny smile, which reminds me of the comment my grandma always tells me, you have a “MonaLisa” smile. Whatever that means.

Happy Monday!



The last week of August was probably the week where I ate out the most. Because I am now solely paying my rent and all utilities and food, and other things like service fees for plumber and carpenter, I’ve made resolutions to eat out less so I can scrimp my money to pay what I need. (Okay, I do scrimp money, partly to buy shoes and other cute stuff, and pay for the things I need). But the last week of August was like an indulgence. Continue reading “Chocolatier”

OUTFIT | The Saleslady

While I had fun and learned a lot during the two-day pop-up at Parkmall, it was very tiring. When I got home, I was sleeping like a log, snoring, and dreaming of a parade of the world’s most notorious criminals, a plane crash that happened in the south of Cebu, and the end of the world. I was happy with the sales, and the fact that I’ve given more than half of my cards to anyone, including cute and flirty dogs.

with my GM for sales
the “end of the world” look
the vintage and the new

I’m wearing vintage polka dot neck-tie blouse underneath a thrifted chiffon dress, Juan shoes, thrifted beret, and Avon studs.