OUTFIT | All Aboard

On All Soul’s Day, I dragged my boyfriend to an impromtu trip to my home island, Siquijor. It was a Saturday and we were expecting many people traveling but we got a not so pleasant surprise, not many were traveling that day, which made our travel time longer than usual because we had to wait for other passengers before boats would travel. We took the “land trip” route, which was supposed to be faster and cheaper than a boat trip or a fast craft trip.

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Windy Day


Our road trip to the north of Cebu capped with a rainy and windy day at San Remegio. We were at Lingay Beach but the sea was rough and the wind made it dangerous for us to trek the water — not that I was very excited to do that also. It was a gloomy day but being in a different place and with different people gave me a different kind of energy. The beach resort is nothing extraordinary but I loved their arc of green vines, which I think made for a perfect backdrop for this vintage floral top I thrifted from Moalboal.



The small stone in the ocean looked like a carabao (water buffalo). The stone was only visible during low tide.
The small stone in the ocean looked like a carabao (water buffalo). The stone was only visible during low tide.


OUTFIT | Summer in December


We had a team Christmas party at the beach. I’m not a beachbum, and I have to admit that when the sand is not the color of salt/sugar/flour, I have hesitations. I am spoiled by our island’s white sand beaches, which we can access for free. But that Christmas party was one of the best beach parties I attended, especially when we played slipper game! I know this is a belated post, but better late than never. 😛 Continue reading “OUTFIT | Summer in December”

2Go Outfit

This was purely a coincidence. I did not realize I was wearing the colors of 2Go — white and pink — when I posed in front of their office. Continue reading “2Go Outfit”

OUTFIT | Jacket Rewind


I love a good denim jacket. For how many years, I only had one, this one Levi’s denim jacket, and I did not think of getting another one because what’s the use of another one. I only need one classic denim jacket. But I saw this pair I’m wearing above, cropped, with some studs at the collar, is very soft, fits me to a T, and costs P35 (actually only P33.33 because it was 3 for P100). I love it so much that I’m wearing it again (after this). Continue reading “OUTFIT | Jacket Rewind”

Aka Robin Padilla


I was feeling kinda cold the past days. In fact, on Friday, I slept at 4 in the afternoon and I was covered chin to toe with a blanket. The following day, I was deciding what to wear, and I thought I should use the pair of jeans more often so it would get dirtier and I’d have to take to the laundry shop. And I thought why not wear denim all over? I thought it was a cool idea until we took these pictures and I said I look like a boy, and my boyfriend said “cge lang kung baduy. . . Kung panahon pa na ni Robin Padilla, uso bitaw na.”(!) Haha. This is indeed a baduy outfit, but what the heck, it’s comfortable and it’s the weekend, it’s cold, and it’s my life, it’s now or never. Continue reading “Aka Robin Padilla”