Of Fairytales and Princesses

When I was a child, I wanted to become The Little Princess, and then I wanted to own The Secret Garden, then I wanted to become Laura and Mary Ingalls and do what they do in their little house in the prairie. When I transitioned to reading more mature books, I wanted to become the heroine in each of Sidney Sheldon’s books (strong and fierce) but also be carried away as a damsel in distress by the male characters in Judith McNaught’s books. All my life I’ve lived in a double-standard society where women are expected to achieve much but expected to behave in a certain way. This double-standard society I continue to embrace and hate (sometimes at the same time). Continue reading “Of Fairytales and Princesses”


OUTFIT | Pretty in Vintage

When we went to District 50, I was conjuring up a 50s summer outfit with a full-skirt, knotted shirt, and a bandana. But the full skirt was nowhere to be found so I went for an alternative — a vintage mash-up that I’d call “pretty” because the details and the colors I find “pretty.”

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OUTFIT | Silk, Gold & Blue

This is what I wore to the festival exhibit we went to last weekend.  I’m wearing gifted Banana Republic shirt, thrifted silk pants, thrifted Christian Louboutin pumps,  Follow Your Heart bag, old watch, and some bracelets.  Most of the times, I am tempted to wear skinny pants and jeans, but I never pick that style.  I always veer towards the high-waisted, the loose-fitting, the really comfortable that makes my butt look non-existent. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Silk, Gold & Blue”

From Thrifted Shoes to Metallic Shoes


Happy weekend!

This was a DIY project I did early this year. My friend got married in late January (see their pre-nuptial photos here) and she asked us to wear silver shoes to match our silver/gray gowns. I window-shopped for silver and/or gray shoes but did not not find anything to my liking and anything below my price budget, which was P700. Yes, I am cheap, that’s why I thrift. No problem with that, right? 😀 Continue reading “From Thrifted Shoes to Metallic Shoes”