OUTFIT | Double Standards

Nov. 25 is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Despite being one of the most liberated countries in the world, the Philippines continues to be a double-standard society, where certain acts of men are accepted and tolerated, while the same acts of women are frowned upon. My only solution to the complete elimination of violence (physical, sexual, mental and economic) against women is empowerment and the only tool I know that could lead to empowerment is education. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Double Standards”

OUTFIT | Blending In


This became my favorite chair and my favorite thing to do while at Bunzie’s Cove, in Tabogon. I can’t believe I haven’t read National Geographic magazines for a long time now. My grandma has lots of NatGeo magazines in her home, I love National Geographic magazines, and this location at Bunzie’s is next to the big window facing the sea, the sight making me wish I’m writing for the National Geographic instead.






Anyway, the purpose of this post is to let you know that on our first day at Tabogon, I blended well with the surroundings. I prepare my clothes for any trip a week (or weeks) before the actual trips so this was purely coincidental. Although this outfit is just really very basic road trip outfit made of pieces that are lightweight and won’t pack too much space in a weekender bag.

* Wearing thrifted sleeveless top, my sister’s shorts, vintage Ray-ban sunnies, D40 camera, and Banana Peel slippers *

Photos by Joel Lopez

OUTFIT | Bipolarism & Skyfall

I found this dress from a thrift shop months ago, and thought this would be the dress I’d wear to watch Skyfall because it reminded me of someone who can’t make up her mind. When I reviewed these pictures though, I thought the dress made me look like “M” for “matronly.”

I’m wearing thrifted dress, gifted bag, Juan by Janilyn sandals, and Avon studs.

OUTFIT | The Colors of Autumn

It was one Saturday that ended too soon. After being awake for 24 hours, I slept until early afternoon, ate a very big breakfast, watched some portions of UP at the suggestion of my sister, and went to Ayala to have a double date. It also rained very hard that day, but I think rains are blessings.

I’m wearing a vintage dress that reflects the colors of autumn. I love how lightweight the dress is, and the cute collar. The print looks like a graphic art or something. I wore the dress with sandals from Linea Italia and this faux-leather purse sold at Just Got Lucky Shop.

I wish this is mine. @Fullybooked

Happy Monday!

OUTFIT | Artsy Sunday

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I checked out the Mixture Arts Exhibition at The Ayala ActiveZone. Gen, one of the artists, is a college friend whom I fondly call Angel. Her pieces are mostly abstract pieces and I love them because they are intricate, made of a brand new kind of material, and I can interpret them in anyway I want. Angel told me her inspiration was her desperation (so poetic). Before heading to the exhibit, we had coffee at Bo’s and sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts (our favorite is their bacon, lettuce & tomato).

my new Bo’s coffee favorite: salted caramel

I’m wearing thrifted (and very crumpled) dress (also worn here), thrifted blazer (also worn here),¬†thrifted Enzo Angiolini sandals, and gifted bag (also worn here¬†and here).

one of the pieces I loved from Angel’s collection