Where to Stay in Bohol: 717 Cesar Place Hotel

Last July, our cousin booked for us a family room at 717 Cesars Place in Tagbilaran, Bohol. I was looking for a hotel that could accommodate four adults, 1 12-year old teenager, and 1 10-year old teenager, and my search in Agoda led me to Cesars Place. I think the hotel can be classified as mid-range, but it is relatively new and is still clean. Read on for my reviews, whether I recommend it, it’s pros and cons. Continue reading “Where to Stay in Bohol: 717 Cesar Place Hotel”


Postcards from Behold Bohol, Day 2

Our Day 2 was shorter. I was aiming to wake up at 6AM to be able to eat puto and tsokolate at their public market because as far as I can remember, the tsokolate I drank in Tagbilaran was the best tsokolate I had in my life (no offense to my Grandma!). But I wasn’t able to wake up at 6AM because the bed was so inviting and I did some work before I went to sleep the night before so I was exhausted. Anyway, a reason to visit again. Continue reading “Postcards from Behold Bohol, Day 2”

Postcards from Behold Bohol, Day 1

I always treat Bohol an an important island, in terms of history, for many reasons, including the “Blood Compact,” Dagohoy’s 80-year revolution, Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, and Yoyoy Villame, who made recalling Philippine history easier by making a song out of it. In addition to these significant contributions to Philippine history, Bohol also offers one-of-a-kind experience with the best of stunning rural landscapes and pristine beaches. Continue reading “Postcards from Behold Bohol, Day 1”

Cebu to Siquijor via Tagbilaran

To most people, Siquijor is too much of a hassle to get to. I would agree, because even I, a Siquijodnon, would often complain of the long and often stressful trips to and from home. In order to give possible foreign and domestic travelers an idea on how to get there, I will be publishing a series of posts on the many ways to get to the island.

My most favorite is what I call the “Love in the Time of Cholera” trip. It is because this is a day trip by boat and travel time is 12 hours (could even be more if it’s peak season). The trip reminds me of the time Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza, both in their old age, went on a trip that they didn’t want to end. This trip doesn’t seem to end but the reason why I love this trip is because I almost always feel like I’m on a cruise. Continue reading “Cebu to Siquijor via Tagbilaran”

Blue, Bluer, Bluest in Bohol

On the last weekend of 2013, I had the chance to visit Bohol — after such a long time and after the October earthquake. I assisted in a wedding shoot and although it was a wedding, it was more like a “tour.” We traveled from Panglao, to Alburquerque to Loay. Along the way, I saw remnants of the damage of the quake — the Loay and Dauis Churches, the damaged roads and houses, but I also saw how the people are picking up their lives and continuing to live. It made me teary-eyed, but I fell asleep because it was raining.

Continue reading “Blue, Bluer, Bluest in Bohol”