Postcards from Behold Bohol, Day 2


Our Day 2 was shorter. I was aiming to wake up at 6AM to be able to eat puto and tsokolate at their public market because as far as I can remember, the tsokolate I drank in Tagbilaran was the best tsokolate I had in my life (no offense to my Grandma!). But I wasn’t able to wake up at 6AM because the bed was so inviting and I did some work before I went to sleep the night before so I was exhausted. Anyway, a reason to visit again. Continue reading “Postcards from Behold Bohol, Day 2”

Postcards from Behold Bohol, Day 1

I always treat Bohol an an important island, in terms of history, for the following reasons — the “Blood Compact,” Dagohoy’s 80-year revolution, and Pres. Carlos P. Garcia. Oh, and I should add Yoyoy Villame, who made recalling Philippine history easier by making a song out of it. Despite these, I think Bohol remains largely under the radar and is underrated. Continue reading “Postcards from Behold Bohol, Day 1”

Blue, Bluer, Bluest in Bohol

On the last weekend of 2013, I had the chance to visit Bohol — after such a long time and after the October earthquake. I assisted in a wedding shoot and although it was a wedding, it was more like a “tour.” We traveled from Panglao, to Alburquerque to Loay. Along the way, I saw remnants of the damage of the quake — the Loay and Dauis Churches, the damaged roads and houses, but I also saw how the people are picking up their lives and continuing to live. It made me teary-eyed, but I fell asleep because it was raining.

Continue reading “Blue, Bluer, Bluest in Bohol”