OUTFIT | Start of Summer


The days are warmer and drier now. I have not felt rain for the past two days, and my kitchen door casts a sunshiny shadow in the morning. The days are longer, and the nights short. These signal the start of summer, at least here in our tropic country. Every afternoon, I wish to lounge in the beach or the cool waters of Bolo-Bolo and bring with me a jug of my own iced fruit tea. But for now, I am stuck in the city, working, and relaxing in between drafts. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Start of Summer”

OUTFIT | Black and White and Pink

My “it” bag these days is this nylon bag from Bench featuring a “sunset” photo. I think I’m going to start re-discovering local brands like Bench, Penshoppe, etc., because I’ve never given them serious thought the past years. I’ve been browsing through their merchandise and found cute and affordable items, like footwear, hats, accessories and basics. I wish though that Bench and Penshoppe would stop hiring foreign celebrities. Just saying.

I’m wearing reworked top, thrifted skirt, vintage Pop-pop shoes, and Bench bag.

OUTFIT | Picture2x

Don’t look at me. Look at the people having so much fun taking pictures behind me. 😀 Nowadays, cameras are very affordable and popular. Social networking sites also allow us to post pictures of ourselves immediately. There was a time when cameras were expensive, much more the processing of films. Those days photographs were rare and really treasured keepsakes. Whatever you’ve captured on film can’t be immediately erased. Now, Kodak is in bankruptcy, and films and film processing have once again become rare and expensive. They are even in danger of dying. Too sad.

I’m wearing Banana Republic white shirt, a silk skirt I had since college, Juan by Janilyn shoes bought on sale, and vintage bag.



The last week of August was probably the week where I ate out the most. Because I am now solely paying my rent and all utilities and food, and other things like service fees for plumber and carpenter, I’ve made resolutions to eat out less so I can scrimp my money to pay what I need. (Okay, I do scrimp money, partly to buy shoes and other cute stuff, and pay for the things I need). But the last week of August was like an indulgence. Continue reading “Chocolatier”

OUTFIT | The Exhibitor

I am a happy exhibitor at Parkmall’s Vintage Week capping up with Grandparents’ Day on Sept. 9. Since the day they contacted me for a possible display of vintage outfits at their event, my excitement has never waned. Of course I love vintage, but more than that, I accepted because I am nostalgic, and I really, really love my grandparents and my memories of them are warm and securing and funny, at some times, and happy at most times. While I never got to wear nor keep my grandmother’s dresses (she gave them away), I am now keeping some of my mother’s and my aunts’ clothes. You see, trends only come and go, but style doesn’t fade. And that is evidently true with fashion and clothes.

What I wore when I visited the display last Tuesday (which, by the way, was the day heavy rains started to fall and the North Reclamation area was a mayhem with heavy traffic and flooding): cropped eyelet top, high-waist pants, sandals from Linea Italia, gifted bag from mother.

Here are my two displays:

The first display wears 50s-inspired outfit, and the other display wears Joan Holloway-inspired outfit. Vintage items are the dress, skirt, and the yellow pump shoes.