WEDDING 101: Bride Does Her Own Make-up

Leave the make-up part to the experts. Or, just get on with it. I got on with it and never regretted doing my make-up on my wedding day. The truth was, the make-up was not my major concern on my wedding day. The skin was. I’ve been battling with adult acne and I was focused on a sustainable regimen that would not cause my skin to breakout during my wedding day. I always believe great skin needs no make-up so if I have great skin on my wedding day I would not have to worry. Continue reading “WEDDING 101: Bride Does Her Own Make-up”


Inexpensive Facial at Home


Fridays are most people’s “last day of the week,” and by this time, stress from work and life start in show in our physical appearance. By Friday, I am often sluggish and wanting to gulp down more than my requisite cup of coffee, my hair dry and itchy, and my face oily and blotchy, add to that break-outs when it’s near “my time of the month.” Aside from the physical appearance, my mind usually wanders far on Fridays. Oftentimes, my mind wanders to my bed or a beach in our province. Work and our everyday activities take a toll and they often appear in our face. In order to de-stress myself, I find time every Friday night to perform a “facial” ritual that won’t hurt the pocket. Continue reading “Inexpensive Facial at Home”

DIY Coffee Scrub



I’m a coffee drinker. I brew coffee almost everyday and I have been thinking of ways how to recycle the coffee grounds because I thought it’s a waste to just throw them immediately after use. When I saw Michille Phan’s video (I’m a fan), I had to try. While I don’t believe the coffee/olive oil mixture will reduce my cellulites, I was just glad to know one way to recycle coffee.


These are just the two things you need: used coffee grounds and olive oil. Mix the two and it’s ready. While on the shower or bath, scrub the mixture to your body. You’ll find it sticky and, well, oily. After scrubbing, you rinse. I found myself using the soap to get rid of the brown residue of the coffee. Don’t be shocked to find the rinsed water dirty. After rinsing and drying yourself, you’ll feel like you’ve just had new skin.

Happy weekend once again! And, find time to treat yourself, you deserve it!