WEDDING 101: Invites and Other Paper Works

My then-boyfriend (now my husband) and I are avid DIYers. We both love design and crafts. We are also thrifty people who enjoy a fuss-free life. We knew when we wanted to get married that we would be making and printing our own wedding invitations. Because (1) we don’t want to spend a lot for printing services and more so for wedding invitations that people would forget after the wedding, and (2) we don’t want to be disappointed with any printing service provider who can’t follow our instructions to the dot. So, we created our own. Continue reading “WEDDING 101: Invites and Other Paper Works”

Wedding 101: Coffee and Desserts

Hi, all! Let’s continue with our wedding 101 series because there are some things left to share.

Ours was a pretty simple dessert buffet. For our lunch menu from Circa 1900, we opted for two desserts — their (super good!!!) maja blanca cheesecake and beignet with chocolate and coconut sauces. I could not emphasize how Circa 1900 is a gift sent from the heavens to us. I always felt and still feels like the Almighty created Circa 1900 for me to wed. You see, maja blanca and donuts are probably my most favorite desserts of all time. Continue reading “Wedding 101: Coffee and Desserts”

WEDDING 101: Circa 1900 Wedding Package


Because I could not get over how wonderful Circa 1900 is, I’m allotting one special blog just for their wedding package and the process we went through to have the best menu for our wedding. (And, if you’re interested, I also wrote about Circa 1900’s history at our travel blog, Slipper Game).

Continue reading “WEDDING 101: Circa 1900 Wedding Package”

WEDDING 101: Choosing the Perfect Venue


The wedding of Mel Gibson and Catherine McCormack’s characters in Braveheart is my favorite wedding scene. I haven’t seen a lot of movies with wedding scenes that stuck to my head afterwards. I wanted a wedding that’s between me and the man I would spend the rest of my life with, in front of an officiant (because we legally need one). I didn’t want any spectator mostly because I can’t stay too long in the limelight. When scouting for our wedding venue, my then boyfriend and I took into consideration the following: (1) an outside area where the ceremony would be held, and (2) a covered hall for the reception. In addition, the venue must have a bit of a history (because we are historyphiles), must be romantic and must be secluded. Continue reading “WEDDING 101: Choosing the Perfect Venue”

Wedding 101: Budget

How much would you spend for a wedding? I’m sure most couples would answer, “As much as we can!” That is true. But — I’m warning you. DO NOT spend all your savings for your wedding, and, worse, DO NOT incur debts just so you can have your dream wedding. Times are tough these days. While the dollar-peso exchange is high, it is fluctuating. Commodity prices are still steep, despite the cheap price of gasoline. So, how much would you spend for your wedding? And, who should spend for what?

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