Vintage Argenti Silk Dress for my Beastfriend’s Wedding


I’ve been asking myself if posting outfit photos are still relevant and interesting in my blog, knowing that I am not a fashion blogger. True, I love dressing up, I read fashion magazines and keep a few of them, I browse fashion websites, I keep myself updated in fashion trends, and even took some few minutes off my day browsing the #kimye wedding photos to check on Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress — I don’t love fashion. Continue reading “Vintage Argenti Silk Dress for my Beastfriend’s Wedding”

OUTFIT | All Aboard

On All Soul’s Day, I dragged my boyfriend to an impromtu trip to my home island, Siquijor. It was a Saturday and we were expecting many people traveling but we got a not so pleasant surprise, not many were traveling that day, which made our travel time longer than usual because we had to wait for other passengers before boats would travel. We took the “land trip” route, which was supposed to be faster and cheaper than a boat trip or a fast craft trip.

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OUTFIT | Dainty and Pink


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OUTFIT | Child-like Delight


One Sunday afternoon, I accompanied my boyfriend to a photoshoot of a cute little boy (we will call him “Jao”). This is my first time to assist in a shoot involving children. The shoot is hard work because children do whatever they like, but I loved that shoot because everyone (parents, grandparents, uncle, and nannies) got involved and we were all having fun at the backyard laughing at and coaxing the little celebrity to make his cute poses.

I’m wearing thrifted hat, cropped eyelet top, vintage maxi skirt, Linea Italia flats, and garage sale bag.

Black Top and Printed Skirt Combo


The plain shirt + printed skirt combination is one of my favorite outfit combinations. It is very “manang,” but I think this works best for all body types, and would make anyone feel feminine, without wearing too much frills, or looking like a cupcake. I wore this outfit when my boyfriend and I watched Ekstra, an independent film. I hope and pray more and more independent films would be available for everyone to see. Or, at least more independent films would be shown here in Cebu. I’m wearing thrifted top, skirt, and bag, and LeDonne wedges.