Adios 2014, Hola 2015!


The year 2014 was not the best year, but looking back, I have a lot to be thankful for. I was given some opportunities that I grabbed at the snap of the fingers and they provided me valuable lessons. The year 2014 was also the year of family — I lost a cousin to murder but I gained a nephew who is the light of our lives, and all of my mother’s siblings were together after a long, long while. The year 2014 was also the year I turned 30, and I didn’t feel any differently from the past years. Truthfully, the last time I feared turning a year older was when I turned 20 because that was my last year of college and I didn’t know what lies ahead of me.

The year 2015, I would dedicate to working hard and achieving goals I’ve set aside in the past years, to health and fitness, and to closing an old chapter and opening a new one. I could not wait to bid goodbye to 2014, and say hello to 2015! Happy New Year!


On Writing and Why It Keeps Me Sane


Let’s start the week with a thought-full blog post: on the reason I write, and why the art of keeping a journal has never lost its appeal on me, and why writing helps me psychologically. Continue reading “On Writing and Why It Keeps Me Sane”

21 Stuff(s) to Give Away

Start your week being inspired to live well, free from negativity and bad vibes.


Good Monday morning!

I was browsing through my stuff, and came across old journals, letters, greeting cards and papers and found this piece written in one of those journals. I thought it would be nice to share because many times I’ve referred to this and made it my sort-of rule for living well. I wrote this in my journal but I don’t know where I got it. If you know the source, please inform me so I can give credit. Continue reading “21 Stuff(s) to Give Away”

My Grown-Up Christmas List

I am a lousy gifter. I rarely give “material” gifts, but I also give gifts anytime of the year when I see things I know my family and friends would love. I know it’s already Christmas eve, but still, it’s never too late to let people know what I truly want for Christmas. My fervent wish this Christmas is that there will be no more natural calamities — but that could not be granted, even if I harness all my powers to stop climate change. So, I made a list of material things I’d love to receive this Christmas and all throughout the year. Continue reading “My Grown-Up Christmas List”

Musings on the Road Not Taken

There is a certain kind of joy in traveling, especially traveling roads you’ve never traveled on before. A framed Robert Frost poem — The Road Not Taken — is a fixture in my grandmother’s house. Whether she mindlessly or intentionally placed that frame in her house, I don’t know. But one thing I do know — that poem has been my inspiration in the many things I do and the decisions I made in life. And I am pretty sure, that poem has also influenced the lives of my siblings and cousins. Continue reading “Musings on the Road Not Taken”

That “Kodak Moment”


Working for a foreign company and never meeting or knowing who our subscribers are made me think I was so disconnected with my work. The things I write in our newsletters are as foreign to me as our bosses. I’ve written countless of bankruptcy-related stories, pored through thousands of court documents, followed numerous billion-dollar and mega-billion dollar bankruptcy cases, but none gave me such sadness as when Kodak, after more than a hundred years of operation, delivered its Chapter 11 petition. The company – the pioneer in the film and photography technology development – got left behind in the digital world. Continue reading “That “Kodak Moment””