Thrifted Moschino “Garden” Skirt

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I was lucky to snatch this Moschino Cheap & Chic skirt with cute stitching. The stitching reminded me of the many cross-stitch pieces I made when I was younger. I thought it would be the best skirt to wear to a children’s party. The skirt though was too tight I can barely breath in it anymore. That skirt will have to go to someone with smaller hips soon. I paired it with a vintage neon top, gifted handbag and Juan by Janilyn l0w-heeled pumps.

Of Fairytales and Princesses

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When I was a child, I wanted to become The Little Princess, and then I wanted to own The Secret Garden, then I wanted to become Laura and Mary Ingalls and do what they do in their little house in the prairie. When I transitioned to reading more mature books, I wanted to become the heroine in each of Sidney Sheldon’s books (strong and fierce) but also be carried away as a damsel in distress by the male characters in Judith McNaught’s books. All my life I’ve lived in a double-standard society where women are expected to achieve much but expected to behave in a certain way. This double-standard society I continue to embrace and hate (sometimes at the same time).

Anyhow, this is an outfit post. My friend and I played dress-up in her daughter’s first birthday. She was Kate Middleton, I was “another duchess.” LOL. I’m wearing a thrifted but brand-new-with-tag dress from, thrifted faux-leather bag, and thrifted shoes.

OUTFIT | Double Standards

Nov. 25 is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Despite being one of the most liberated countries in the world, the Philippines continues to be a double-standard society, where certain acts of men are accepted and tolerated, while the same acts of women are frowned upon. My only solution to the complete elimination of violence (physical, sexual, mental and economic) against women is empowerment and the only tool I know that could lead to empowerment is education. Continue reading “OUTFIT | Double Standards”


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One weekend, my boyfriend and I dropped by The Henry to check out art at the QUBE Gallery. They were selling art pieces from Cebuano and Boholano artists, proceeds of which would go to the survivors of the Oct. 15 earthquake that hit Central Visayas, most especially Bohol. I was interested in Sio Montera piece above but it was sold already. There was also a floral canvass painting that interested me but it was already wrapped in plastic ready for the new owner. Beside the gallery, we found another cube, which made for good photographs. The light was perfect that day. I was wearing a vintage top, eyelet skirt also worn here, thrifted Marc Jacobs shoes, and gifted Sag Harbor bag.

OUTFIT | Red, White & Blue


Red, white, and blue are summer colors for me. While it’s no longer technically summer here in the Philippines, the weather continues to be reminiscent of the summer past — dry and warm. More than a week after a major earthquake hit our region and I am still shaking and on alert, with my door always open just in case I need to run fast to avoid falling objects crushing me. That earthquake was terrifying, and it didn’t help that it was the second major earthquake the region experienced in two years. We already know our country is located in the so-called “ring of fire” but I can never be prepared for the tremors, the noise, the screaming, and the devastation after. Many perished, and many lives were literally shattered, but we continue to live another day.

I’m wearing thrifted polka-dot turtleneck top from Toledo, thrifted Lee Denim shorts from Balamban, gifted Sag Harbor bag, gifted Aldo sunnies, and department store flats.