P100 Teacup Flowers


My husband’s niece celebrated her 18th birthday and we decided to give her a “tea party.” Her favorite color is blue and hydrangeas (locally called “million”) were the only blue-colored flower we found when we went to the Freedom Park. We had a difficult time looking for hyndrangeas as they were almost already sold out, the day being a Friday (meaning lots of weddings to be held the following day). Good thing a kind flower vendor allowed me to buy three bunches of hydrangeas for P30 each bunch. I gave him a P100 bill and asked him to keep the change, which meant I paid P100 for these flowers. Continue reading “P100 Teacup Flowers”


Garland Using White Plastic Flowers


After my first DIY post on floral headbands, I  got obsessed with making paper flowers and pinning floral headbands and garlands at Pinterest for inspiration. I was on the quest for a durable flower garland that I can let a friend wear for a maternity photoshoot. A garland that’s lightweight and holds its shape despite being packed with other photoshoot paraphernalia. I finally found the flowers I was looking for at the home department of a local department store — in the form of plastic flowers. Continue reading “Garland Using White Plastic Flowers”

Thrift Tip: Recycling Wedding Flowers

Sometimes we leave wedding parties too dazed (either with love infected by the newly-wed couple or with too much booze served at the reception) and we never thought of what will happen to the flowers after the event. Continue reading “Thrift Tip: Recycling Wedding Flowers”

Flower Arrangement for P30 Violet Asters

When we went flower picking (see last post), I was looking for baby’s breath — those small white flowers with long stalks. Where we stopped, the flower farmer only had asters, so I settled for asters. For P30, I got a huge bunch that was enough to fill four vases. I learned for making flowers stay in place without the use of floral foam from a Martha Stewart book: make a criss-cross of tape at the opening of the flower vase and place flowers in the squares in between the tapes. For the P30 bunch, I was able to make 4 floral arrangements — 2 placed in huge mugs, 1 in a short glass flower vase and another one in a bottle I saved. Continue reading “Flower Arrangement for P30 Violet Asters”