How To: Organize Ribbons

If you’re like me who saves pretty ribbons from gifts and who buys pretty ribbons all the time, then I’m sure you would have lots of tangled ribbons that you want to throw them all away and just buy new ones. Tonight, I did a quick DIY because I bought a pretty ribbon I saw at Expressions. And, it’s very simple. Continue reading “How To: Organize Ribbons”


Up Up and Away Hot-Air Balloon Table Centerpieces

Today, I am now halfway done with another set of centerpieces for my friend’s daughter’s first birthday. My friend has been urging me to make this a business, but I am not inclined to follow her advice because my main motivator in making things is when they are for people I love. It’s been almost a year since her eldest daughter’s Up, Up and Away second birthday party and I still haven’t shared here the centerpieces I made for Mia. Continue reading “Up Up and Away Hot-Air Balloon Table Centerpieces”

DIY Make-up Brush Cleaner

Today is another long weekend (or the end of another long weekend) in the Philippines as we celebrate Heroes’ Day. Be your own hero by taking the time to clean your make-up brushes, using materials easily available at home, and your skin will thank you for it. Continue reading “DIY Make-up Brush Cleaner”

Vintage Belt Repurposed as Camera Bag Strap

DSC_6681My camera bag needs to be replaced, yes. But it’s not damaged and it still serves its purpose (protecting camera and camera accessories) so I do not have a reason to buy a new one. The original sling, however, was dirty and a bit tattered so I was looking for ways to replace it. When my grandmother gave me more than a dozen of her vintage belts, I used one — that’s thick and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the camera bag with content — and repurposed it. Continue reading “Vintage Belt Repurposed as Camera Bag Strap”

Garland Using White Plastic Flowers


After my first DIY post on floral headbands, I  got obsessed with making paper flowers and pinning floral headbands and garlands at Pinterest for inspiration. I was on the quest for a durable flower garland that I can let a friend wear for a maternity photoshoot. A garland that’s lightweight and holds its shape despite being packed with other photoshoot paraphernalia. I finally found the flowers I was looking for at the home department of a local department store — in the form of plastic flowers. Continue reading “Garland Using White Plastic Flowers”

Headband Using Pink Paper Flowers

DSC_6501I’m a typical girly-girl. I love clothes, dressing up, applying and wearing make-up. I take pictures every time I’m drinking coffee, especially when I’m at a coffee shop where lighting is really good. I dream of Paris. And like a typical girly-girl, I adore flowers, and flower headbands. Continue reading “Headband Using Pink Paper Flowers”

New Mobile Phone Cover Using Washi Tape

Washi tapes are very popular these days — check Pinterest and/or Instagram, and you’ll find lots of posts and pins on washi taps. I find them so cute. I found washi tapes at the Savemore branch in Emall, and I bought two rolls at P50 each. Last night, I was working over time, got bored, and decided to upgrade the cover of my Cherry mobile phone.
Continue reading “New Mobile Phone Cover Using Washi Tape”

How to Personalize Give-away Planners


Even in this age of technology, I still can’t bring myself to use a tablet or a smartphone to keep my schedule organized. It must be just a mental thing — but I love to write down to-do lists, future activities and budgets in paper. I also love ticking off or scratching out done tasks. It makes me more “fulfilled” as compared to when I just typed it in a digital planner. I also love not being able to totally erase my plans. In short, I love planners. Continue reading “How to Personalize Give-away Planners”

Vintage Silk Cover for Tablet

Remember this DIY? The remaining top of the dress was lying around in my bin of “vintage cloths” and I thought the fabric, which is silk, would be fabulous to spruce up a tablet cover. The tablet cover was plain black, really dull, and while there are lots of pretty and cute covers out there, I don’t want to pay more than P300 (the price of the dull black cover) for a cover. It’s also nice to have a customized cover, right? Something that’s silky and vintage-y and definitely my type of cover. Continue reading “Vintage Silk Cover for Tablet”