New at Just Got Lucky Shop

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SALE at Just Got Lucky Shop

I think September will be a busy month, and I have no problem with that. So before I forget to update the Shop, I am listing the remaining items for sale at P100 and P200. There are still remaining vintage items posted at the sale albums. If you’re looking for a particular vintage item, maybe you’d find them there at low prices. For non-Cebu (but Philippines only) buyers, shipping fees will be shouldered by buyers and please check with us first for the area of delivery. For Cebu buyers, we can meet-up. 🙂

Just Got Lucky Shop Pop-Up @ Parkmall-Cebu

Just Got Lucky Shop will be having a pop-up shop tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 8, to Sunday, Sept. 9, at the ground floor of Parkmall-Cebu. We are part of the Vintage Week exhibit for Grandparents’ Day. We will be selling remaining stocks from the Shop and other not-yet-listed vintage and vintage-inspired items. Hope to see you there! 🙂 P.S. Please bring your own shopping bags.

033112 Outtakes

Today was another experience.  My boyfriend and I just roam around the city to look for places to take photographs in.  Sometimes we choose a place for its wall, sometimes for its weeds.  Today we went at the North Reclamation area, near Cebu Doctors University to take photographs.  While nearing the end, one of the security guards approached us and asked us if we were shooting for television/magazine. I thought he was going to drive us away, after all there was a No Entry sign ahead. But he didn’t.  He, instead, asked if he could have their picture taken with me. (!!!! I have a fans’ club.)  I obliged. It’s not always that someone asks to have pictures taken with me.  After the photo session, my boyfriend and I went to SM to have those pictures developed and we gave them each a copy of the picture. (Oopps, I forgot to sign those pictures. Nyahahaha. Feelers.) Continue reading “033112 Outtakes”