Coffeechella by Bo’s Coffee

IMG_0117Last July, Bo’s Coffee, an institution in the coffee shop industry in the Philippines, organized the first-ever Coffeechella to celebrate its 20th year in business. Bo’s has been an important part of my life in the city and has somewhat influenced me to become a good and conscious coffee drinker. Continue reading “Coffeechella by Bo’s Coffee”

Guide to Gabii sa Kabilin

Hi! I did not leave but I got busy with some other things in life (namely, pursuing again freelance writing projects, re-inventing our travel blog and food blog, gym time, and being a wife!). Haha. I had no preconceived expectations from married life. It is fun but my life has definitely changed, for the better. Anyway, I’ll talk more about these things in future blog, but for now, I’m going to share my tips on how to make the most of your time in what I think is one of Cebu City’s best event of the year — Gabii sa Kabilin! Continue reading “Guide to Gabii sa Kabilin”

Mandaue Foam Watercolor Workshop with Meream


Last Saturday, my husband and I attended Mandaue Foam‘s Boho-themed watercolor workshop with CraftCEB and Bored and Crafty’s Meream Pacayra. It’s been a long, long time since I last painted with watercolor (OK, the truth is, the last time I painted with watercolor was in kindergarten). What attracted me to the workshop were two things: (1) Meream and (2) the P500 registration fee. Meream of Bored and Crafty and Thimble Cap is, what I consider, my arts and crafts idol. Her Instagram account (@boredandcrafty) is filled with her daily projects, which, for an arts and crafts enthusiast like me, is inspiring. Continue reading “Mandaue Foam Watercolor Workshop with Meream”


Bazaars are popular this Christmas. They’re everywhere. But they’re not the ones I’m looking for. I am glad Zero Three Two organized Mercado Central, the kind of “bazaar” I am into to. The businesses are local and small and most sell handmade products. The food were also delicious, homemade and of high quality, and we were entertained by a group of ukelele-playing musicians. (If you don’t know, I used to play ukelele when I was young. It’s my kind of music). Continue reading “MERCADO CENTRAL”

Thursday Wedding


DSC_1839 DSC_1847 DSC_1851 DSC_1858 DSC_1861

Thursdays are not popular choices for a day to get married, but then you can get married anytime and the day won’t affect the marriage you will have with your partner. I got a surprise invitation to a wedding from a college friend at 2:30 in the morning, and it would be the second wedding I’d attend that week. They chose to get married at 10/10, on a Thursday, and celebrated it in a very intimate reception by the beach (with a bunch of giggling girls in skimpy bathing suits at the background). It was intimate, and very carefree, something that was not staged, unlike many of today’s weddings that seem like a big stage production. There were no tears, only short, but meaningful, messages and toasts.