Backstory Kitchen

We have vowed not to eat out as much as we did before we got married. And if we do eat out, we would eat out “responsibly.” This subconsciously meant that we would eat out at local eateries/restaurants. Continue reading “Backstory Kitchen”


Rollin’ Pin

In one of our recent trips to Dumaguete this year, we arrived in the city early and sought out Rocks Coffee-to-Go for breakfast and to check our work emails while waiting for our boat to Siquijor. Sadly, when I inquired about the coffee shop, they have closed. So my husband and I went out of Siliman University and walked a few steps to find another breakfast place. Good thing we chanced upon Rollin’ Pin because we think we have found a new favorite in Dumaguete. Continue reading “Rollin’ Pin”

Lilibeth’s Pan Bisaya

Pan Bisaya is a generic term used to call native, local breads in the Visayas. I have tasted countless versions of the pan bisaya and the more genuine it is, the better it tasted for me. Lilibeth’s Pan Bisaya is very tasty, really soft dough, with just the right crunch on top, and often sold freshly baked from the pugon (clay oven) located at the side of their humble bakery.

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Circa 1900, Heritage and Food


Sanjercasvil Road, which stands for Sanson, Jereza, Castillo and Villa, is a pocket road in Lahug, Cebu City. Joel, who lived in Apas, a neighbor barangay, used to come here to play and would always relate to me the corn fields in the area. Sanjercasvil Road is a heritage road based on the number of heritage houses dotting the area. This is where the famous Circa 1900 is located.

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Rocks Coffee-to-Go

It is customary for my ex-boyfriend (and now my husband) and I to spend a couple of hours in Dumaguete before proceeding to Siquijor or Cebu when on a land trip. A year ago, we visited Dumaguete for half a day and the first thing we did was go to Silliman University and have breakfast at Rock’s Coffee-To-Go. Continue reading “Rocks Coffee-to-Go”