Rollin’ Pin

In one of our recent trips to Dumaguete this year, we arrived in the city early and sought out Rocks Coffee-to-Go for breakfast and to check our work emails while waiting for our boat to Siquijor. Sadly, when I inquired about the coffee shop, they have closed. So my husband and I went out of Siliman University and walked a few steps to find another breakfast place. Good thing we chanced upon Rollin’ Pin because we think we have found a new favorite in Dumaguete. Continue reading “Rollin’ Pin”


Rocks Coffee-to-Go

It is customary for my ex-boyfriend (and now my husband) and I to spend a couple of hours in Dumaguete before proceeding to Siquijor or Cebu when on a land trip. A year ago, we visited Dumaguete for half a day and the first thing we did was go to Silliman University and have breakfast at Rock’s Coffee-To-Go. Continue reading “Rocks Coffee-to-Go”