Thrifting Tour – Uptown Cebu


Hi, all! I put up a separate blog for all of my travel-related posts. It is not an attempt to become a travel blogger but just an attempt to share as much information as I know to other people who might be interested in the same things as me. If you would hop on to that blog, Pens & Passports, you would notice most posts are duplicative of the posts I made here. But one of the first original posts I made was a post on thrifting! Haha! Surprise, surprise. 🙂 Continue reading “Thrifting Tour – Uptown Cebu”

La Belle Aurore

It’s now past mid-March, only 13 more days to go before April 1. La Belle Aurore, a second-hand bookshop in Hernan Cortes, Mandaue, will be closing its doors to book lovers and literary patrons on March 31. They are having an ongoing sale with books priced as low as P10 and P30 and buy-one-take-one promos for books priced P50 and higher. I’ve only been to the Hernan Cortes branch twice and their now-closed Junquera branch once, so I have not created a lot of memories with the place. Nevertheless, because I knew the shop is closing and I might find treasures there, I took a last trip to shop and brought along someone who loves books more than I do — my grandmama. It was her birthday a few days after, so I gave that trip to the bookshop a birthday gift to her. Continue reading “La Belle Aurore”

Carbon [Flea] Market

While there are many thrift shops in the city that sells relatively cheap and good vintage, I think the stalls in Carbon Market still offer the best prices and the most genuine vintage around town. Continue reading “Carbon [Flea] Market”

Thrift Store, The Angry Pig (but Happy)

I think the name of this store is “Conbef Trading” but I can’t help but refer it to the drawing on the “angry pig, but happy” at its entrance. This thrift store is packed to the brim, you can barely move between racks. And because of that, I don’t frequent this often, except when they are having a sale on their shoes. Their shoes are locate at the wall near their entrance so I don’t have to wade through the tight racks. And they carry really good quality and branded shoes. I once spotted a pair of Prada flats, but I did not have money that time. The price range in this store is also quite high (except when they’re on sale). Expect to spend P100 to P300 per piece during new arrivals.

I bought these pair of Helmut Lang sandals there.

The store is located near Cocomall, along Osmena Blvd.

It’s the weekend once again, and a along weekend at that. If you are itching to have some thrifting adventures, I have some tips and guide here.

Happy weekend!

Thrift Store, Jones Ave., near Anita’s

My first time to visit this store they were having a sale, and most of the items left were the un-trendy ones. My favorite buy from this store is a pair of blue pants that I’ve worn several times but I haven’t had the chance to photograph yet. During that sale, I also passed on a Maison Martin Margiela top that was in dark green and had a really weird collar.  I did not buy that MMM top because I thought it was hideous. The time I took the photo above, they were having a shoe sale, but most of the shoes were not of good “walking” condition, the heels were no longer sturdy.

What I don’t like in this store: the dressing room. There’s only one, and it’s small, and only a curtain is used as a door so when the fan hits the curtains, everybody will see you.

Price range: starts at P180 when new stocks arrive