Melaka Eats: Old Towne + Ola Lavanderia + Nando’s + Tim Ho Wan

I have to apologize beforehand if you won’t see any traditional Melakan food in this entry. Melakan food is a must-try, many say. And I have actually prepared a list of where to eat already. But, unfortunately, Melaka, as a city, was a sight to behold and I was just mesmerized by it all that I forgot about the list. My sister, however, already requested months before our travel date that we eat at Nando’s, so I placed that at the top of our must-dos in Melaka. Anyhow, despite the absence of tasting real Melakan food, I think we had a great time in the wonderful city in terms of food.

Old Town Cafe

I think I paid only RMB7.50 for my meal in Old Town Cafe, a popular cafe (at least based on the number of outlets I saw in the city). Old Town is also a brand of an instant coffee. I ordered an iced white coffee (my type) and spicy tuna sandwich. A revelation was the red bean smoothie ordered by my brother. It was delicious. It tasted like sweet monggo (mung beans cooked in sugar). Water is RMB0.70 though, so no free service water. Coffee is a Malaysian tradition. Like in Singapore, coffee is drank in Malaysia anytime of the day.

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Tim Ho Wan

I have been waiting for Tim Ho Wan to open at SM Seaside. But, unfortunately, no sign of opening yet. So when we chanced upon a Tim Ho Wan at the ground floor of Terminal Pahlawan, Hatten Square, with no line (only two customers inside, in fact), we just had to buy their famous pork buns. There were six of us and we only bought one bun each. Sadly, I think one box (of three buns, RM10.00) is good for one person only. Haha. I regretted not eating their dimsum because I love dimsum.

dsc_3768dsc_3769 dsc_3780


There was a Nando’s branch at the Mahkota Parade mall, which is near the town square. We went there for dinner and I am glad my sister requested for this because the peri-peri chicken was very good. Peri-peri is Brazilian, I think. So not Melakan or Malaysian. Nevertheless.

dsc_3770 dsc_3771dsc_7865dsc_7866 dsc_3772 dsc_3773

Ola Lavanderia Cafe

The last meal we ate in Melaka was breakfast, and we went to Ola Lavanderia Cafe. It was a logical choice because it was located just across our guesthouse, and it was the only eatery open at 8AM. The day before we were supposed to check this cafe out because it advertised Melakan white cheesecake. My sister’s a cheesecake-phile. Unfortunately, the cafe was already closed when we came home from our do-it-yourself walking tour around town. When you’re at Ola, don’t forget to ask for the wi-fi password. I almost lost my patience but the owner was too cute. Except for my husband who ordered pancakes, we all ordered big breakfast thinking we won’t be eating much inside the bus to Singapore. I was glad I ordered a big breakfast (RM12.00) and just a cup of cappuccino (RM8.5) because I was full enough but not palpitating for the almost 5 hour immigration ordeal we had to face later that day.



dsc_3810 dsc_3813 dsc_3814 dsc_3815 dsc_3816 dsc_3817

A trip to Melaka is not complete without tasting its local food. There was the chicken rice balls store (across H&M), which was always full to the brim, and the traditional Melakan sweet treats that we missed to have a taste of. I regretted not partaking of the local Melakan food, BUT that means we have a reason to go back!

P.S. I spent about RM85.00 for food in Melaka. That is about P935. That included lunch 1 (sweet and sour fish and half of Coca-Cola), Old Town Snacks of white coffee and tuna sandwich, Tim Ho Wan pork buns, Nando’s dinner, Ola Lavanderia breakfast, and McDonald’s lunch for four persons.


3 thoughts on “Melaka Eats: Old Towne + Ola Lavanderia + Nando’s + Tim Ho Wan

  1. Loving your posts on Melaka…it was on my bucket list in my March trip to Malaysia.White Coffee is something I discovered on road from KL to Penang near Town of Ipoh.It is unheard in India and since then I have developed a taste of various coffee flavours.Last week, I bought the Penang flavor from KLIA2 while transit from Singapore.Also I liked the heavenly desserts of Asean….Cendol & Ais Kacang.

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